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(per minute)
Ammo Cap Damage/Round
(points of armor)
(points of armor)
Slug Throwers
30cal Machine Gun 600 150 900 32 2000 .89 8.9
50cal Machine Gun 400 300 1200 47 2000 1.44 14.2
7.62mm Machine Gun 200 500 1500 91 4000 .63 12.34
20mm Cannon 60 150 400 69 350 4.8 19.12
25mm Cannon 50 300 600 89 300 5.62 16.77
30mm Cannon 45 500 800 150 250 12.82 25.85
Hades Cannon* 38 600 600 160 200
SPP Pods
FireRite Rocket 120 1000 300 94 60 11.9 23.8
AIM-Nein Missile 30 2000 900 169 15 22.5 10.67
DrRadar Missile 12 3000 200 208 10 38 8.23
Cherub Missile 12 4000 200 217 2
Flamethrower N/A 40 N/A 40 800 3.8 seconds (to destroy a bus)
Gas Launcher N/A 35 N/A 60 700 3.3 seconds
Napalm Hose N/A 30 N/A 102 600 2.6 seconds
Pyro-Tomic* N/A 30 N/A 120 500
HE Mortar 60 100 20 70 80
WP Mortar 50 100 20 89 70
Cluster Bomb 40 100 20 109 30
EZKill Mortar* 30 100 20 123 40
Oil Slick N/A N/A N/A 46 2000
Fire Dropper N/A N/A N/A 70 2000
Land Mines N/A N/A N/A 60 25
Blox Dropper N/A N/A N/A 139 10
Car-E-Racer* N/A N/A N/A 80 5
Hand Held
45cal Automatic N/A 45 70 300 N/A After a car is red,
five shots will kill the driver

*Available only in near the last mission of the Trip.

Special thanks to Greg Schwartz, aka Zaphod-AVA, for the weapon damage values and statistics.

Slug Throwers

The 30cal machine gun is the weakest of all of the slug throwers. Generally speaking, you'd probably be better opting for the 50cal machine gun instead, with its higher damage levels. The 7.62mm is extremely weak per shot, but fires at the fastest speed of the slug throwers, very much making up for that. Thanks to this high-firing velocity, the 7.62 is many times able to score more damage on targets than the 50 caliber because the target is less able to dodge all of the shots. Online, sometimes not all of the shots from the 7.62mm will register.

Cannons trade in speed of shots for a massive increase in firepower. The drawback include slow rates of fire and limited ammo capacity. The 20mm cannon will do more damage to a car in a second than any of the machine guns, and surprisingly the 25mm cannon as well. The 25mm cannon isn't very good. Though it does more damage per shot, its slower rate of fire than the 20mm cannon means it does less damage in the same amount of time. The 30mm cannon, on the other hand, is just plain sickening. Even though they're limited in ammo at only 200 shots, these suckers do the damage. Linked together, they can be a great menace on the roads of I '76.

I've seen several drivers use slug thrower-only setups that were quite efficient. Most of them revolved around having two 30mm cannons as main armaments and some machine guns for backup.

SPP Pods

These are the rockets and missiles of the game. The Fire-Rite rocket is a purely dumb fire weapon. It shoots in bursts of three and is able to shoot again quite quickly. The high ammo capacity is also quite nice. The only problem lies in that you have to get a bit of a feel of the Fire-Rite to be effective with it. Hills will throw off your aim quite well.

The Aim-Nein missile locks onto an enemy if it is traveling directly towards you, directly away from you, or not moving. The advantage of this weapon is that you get more bang per shot, even though you can't shoot it as much. Its weaknesses are limited ammo capacity and if you're target moves laterally, you'll loose lock. You can always use the weapon as a dumb fire, but it's not very accurate.

Dr. Radar missiles are, as the name suggests, radar guided. Even though you don't get much ammo, these missiles do massive amounts of damage per shot. The downfall is that all a person has to do is shut there engine off and the missile loses lock. You can also fire these dumb fire, albeit with accuracy loss. In close range though, when people aren't expecting them, they can be quite deadly.


All flamethrowers are pretty much alike. They eat away armor fast and they can take a car to red in seconds. The only difference is the time it takes to kill them and how much ammo you get. Since the times are pretty close, it makes sense to use the basic Flamethrower over it's more powerful brethren to have more ammo. You can use it longer, and therefore it is more effective. Flamethrowers are useful to get a car red before capping them with the .45. The flamethrowers limited range makes it ineffective for anything but close-range combat.

Flamethrowers have problems online. They fire in spurts and therefore usually don't reach their full range, or in many cases even the target.


Unfortunately, I'm not very skilled in the world of the HP and WP mortars. I've experimented with them, but they never fit my tastes.

The Cluster Bomb is very dangerous, both to your target and yourself, and is the most unpredictable weapon in the game. It has large area of spread and fires very quickly. Thanks to this, the Cluster bomb may be the most exploitable weapon in the game. Many times, someone with no skill can wait until there's a fight, unload their cluster bombs on the unsuspecting cars and kill everyone, including themselves. On the other hand, if you choose to go the non-cheesy route, I've found that mounting them on the back of your car can sometimes help in situations where you have no choice to run.


To start, the Blox Dropper and Land Mines aren't used much on-line because of the massive amounts of lag they cause. The Land Mine damages your enemy when they run over and sometimes causes damage when they hit the ground after being lunged into the air by it. For the most part, they are fairly easy to dodge, but do a fair amount of damage. Blox Droppers damage the chassis of a vehicle. They're easy to avoid and generally aren't that good.

The fire dropper is one very good weapon. Like all flame weapons, damage is dealt quickly and in large quantities. The fire dropper damages the chassis of a car and send some cars red just by running over it, which is very important to the .45 players. The Oil Slick can immobilize your enemy or send them out of control. It can be uses in many ways, like circle your enemy with it or just dropping it into their travel path. The most deadly, however, is mixed with the fire dropper. The fire dropper's damage is lethal enough, but mixed with the immobilizing effect of the oil dropper is a very effective killer. Basically, a car drives over this mixture, gets stuck and burns to death.

Hand Held

Originally, earlier in the game development, I '76 was going to have other hand held weapons as well, but they didn't make it in. As things are, the .45 Pistol is a nice weapon. The generally idea when using the .45 is get your enemies damage bar red as quick as possible and stick five shots from the .45 into their head. The sound of an enemy's head lifelessly pressing against their steering wheel is extremely satisfying. For many fights, this was my weapon of choice.