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Compact Cars

'82 Daisan 420x

The 420x represents Daisan's commitment to providing a truly high performance compact sports car that is still affordable. The classic front engine, rear wheel drive design provides effective weight distribution and handling.

'32 Deuce Coupe

When Hank Phaedra introduced the "Model S" in 1932 he had no idea that this car, like no other, would become the most modified, customized model ever. It ultimately became the definitive hot rod. It's light. It's fast as $#!+.

'73 Phaedra Pony

This car is crap. Some people put big engines and big guns on them. The best thing about the Pony is being able to say, "Hey charky, I whupped your ass in a PONY!"

'80 VMW 813s

The VMW has become very popular in recent years among the young and upwardly mobile. It is somewhat fast and handles tolerably well. The best thing about VMW is their marketing department.

'82 Fiarello 803GHBs

This model was made famous by the hit TV series Magram Private Dick, set in tropical Hawaii. In Magram PD the lead Character drives a 803GHBs while fighting the bad guys. The car performs wonderfully despite being somewhat fragile.

'82 De Landau

The De Landau's body is made of beautiful brushed stainless steel making it quite resilient. The car is consequently quite heavy when compared to other sports cars of comparable size.

'81 Messernacht

Perhaps the premiere German car manufacturer, Messernacht honed its skills while producing fighter aircraft during WW2. Messernacht's race division has earned themselves continual victories in the European circuits.

'79 Greens-Queen

The Greens-Queen M666 represents the very latest in fairway mobility. It's gasoline powered motor, dual bag-rack, all wheel suspension and all-weather cover provide the golfer or security professional all the golf-cart magic they can handle.

Mid-size Cars

'68 Phaedra Palomino

Phaedra Motors has dominated the "pony car" market since the release of the first Palomino in 1964. The car's moderate performance and cheap price tag equates to big sales for this model. What this car lacks in handling it more than makes up for in acceleration and durability.

'69 Courcheval Cavera

The Cavera may well be the king of "pony cars". Courcheval motors is committed to offering its consumers well built, reliable, high performance cars and back them with numerous "race type" factory upgrades.

'73 Courcheval Manta

A true sports car, the Manta incorporates modern race design in every new model. This model's fiberglass body offers little protection for the auto combatant. However some of the greatest villains and vigilantes swear by it.

'70 Courcheval El Paseo

The handling characteristics of a sports car and the hauling capacity of a pickup truck... This may very well be the perfect car.

'82 Potomac Pan Am

Created by Squire Incorporated as an advanced test vehicle to counter the perceived auto-terrorist threat. Early attempts to fit the car with an artificial intelligence module failed utterly when the AI became hostile to the test drivers.

'82 Brunetti Perrigrina

Perhaps the pinnacle of Italian sports car performance, the Perrigrina represents the state of the art in automotive design. Like any finely tuned instrument, this car performs immaculately but does not respond well to stress.

'81 Picard Reliable J

Calling this car "Reliable" is at the same time true and laughable. The general over design of the car's internals results in a robustness well suited to auto combat. The same lack of finesse translates into generally unreliable internal components and mechanical elements.

Full-size Cars

'69 Dover Lightning V/X

In many minds Dover is the undisputed king of muscle. The lightning is strong and whip quick off the line. It was chosen to be the star vehicle in TV's hit show the Durks of Blizzard County, the story of two cretins who get their hands on a powerful car with which they break laws.

'82 Courcheval Royale

The Royale is Corcheval's full-size sedan. It comes with a variety of engines and seats six in relative comfort. If you need to fight crime and haul the family this is the car for you.

'82 Courcheval Cruiser

Based on the Royale, this car is sold as a police cruiser worldwide. It is engineered with the best internals to handle the rigors of police work. Though, it is questionable whether or not the added weight is worth it.

'50 Picard Kustom

Hand customized in 1953, this one-of-a-kind has the following modifications: Its lowered, nosed, decked, shaved, and the frame is C'd in the rear. It sports a modified original flat head v-8 with Ardun heads and Offy intake with three 97's.

'59 Adirondac Lisbon

Adirondac has been the luxury leader in the American automotive industry since the start of this century. The '59 Lisbon Coupe D'gras is regarded by many to be a superb example of Adirondack style.

'81 Phaedra Estate Wagon

The popularity of the "estate wagon" or station wagon has swelled in recent years. It's versatility in cargo carrying makes it a good choice for the auto-vigilante who needs a little extra punch in the weapon department.

'82 Dover Stag Pickup

Dover's line of pickups enjoy a reputation of durability and power. The 1982 Stag one ton exhibits the performance and pulling power you would expect while showing off all the styling enhancements expected of a modern automobile.

'40 Phaedra Pickup

Quite small by truck standards, this pre-war Phaedra pickup is very sought after by hot rodders. It displays classic pre-unitized design and elegant curves. Take care with this one -- It's twice as old as you.


'80 Phaedra Clydesdale

Phaedra's line of 4x4s is called the Clydesdale. This vehicles gearing and suspension are perfect for off road applications causing it to suffer in the top end and on the pavement. Use this vehicle if you expect to be without asphalt.

'81 Courcheval Street Van

Good if you like to bring your bed into combat.

'82 Moth Cab-over

This is the standard Moth big rig "dog nose" hauler. The "tractor" can be fitted to a trailer or a rigid chassis for lighter duty. The big advantage with the semi in auto combat is weight. If you don't like what is in your way don't worry - it don't matter.

'82 Moth Tanker

This is the standard Moth cab hooked up to rigid liquid tanker chassis.

'82 Moth Loadmaster

This is the standard Moth cab hooked up to rigid cargo box chassis.

'82 Moth Dudehauler

The Dudehauler 9000 is Moth's full size Bus. Versions include school bus, municipal bus, corrections institutional transport and many others.

'80 Drill King MoleMaster

The MoleMaster is made for deep mining operations. In standard configuration it is well suited for drilling into any sub-igneous material including slate, schist, gneiss, and marble as well as limestone and sandstone.

For foreign territories

'65 Charpanet 3WC

The Charpanet 3WC is without doubt the most prolific model the French automotive industry has ever produced. The car's profoundly underpowered engine is offset by its durability, light weight and innovative suspension design.

'69 Lansell 800cc

Popular as an inexpensive race platform, the Lansell 800cc, and larger 1200cc cousin, is a fast, well handling automobile. What makes the Lansell unique is its size, freakin' small. This car is small, Charky.

Stein PappKarton*

The Stein PappKarton is manufactured in East Germany in a refrigerator factory or something. *At Stein Motorvorks model years have no meaning, as the design does not change from year to year - or if it does, no one can tell.