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Play as the Helicopter - In a melee game, select the Rattler.  Make a variant and save it with the name retpocileh (helicopter backwards).

Play as the Tank - In a melee game, select the Rattler. Make a variant and save it with the name knat.

Level Skip - Hold down control and shift while typing "getdown" (without quotes). Groove will say "getdown" to confirm you've entered the code. All vehicles in the game will start to attack you, including Taurus and Skeeter. After you die, the game will restart in the next level.

Blurry Vision - At any time in the game, type "wiggleburger" while holding control and shift to make the screen blurry.

Increased Radar - To increase your radar, hold down control and shift and type "thirdnostril"

See the Development Team - In order to see the development team, drive the bus in the F1 mode and look back. The development team will be in the back seat.

Use Helicopter on Last Level - When you're asked to choose your vehicle, click on the helicopter in the upper left hand corner of the screen. You'll be able to piloting the helicopter for the last level.

What do the extras do?

  • Cup Holders reduce the probability of being hit by 10%.
  • Structo Bumpers double your front and rear chassis reinforcement.
  • Heated Seats give you 10% more ammunition.
  • Curb Feelers reduce the likelihood of flipping your car.
  • Mud Flaps reduce the amount of chassis damage you receive from vegetation.