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You’ve got questions, we’ve got advice that’ll deeply confuse you. Wait, that’s not right. Anyway, here’s the deal, if there’s a question about the site, about the games on the site, about games I’ve talked about on the site, about the world, or if you feel like threatening me in the form of a question, just contact me and I’ll answer it here.

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Mech Value

I found an Original MechWarrior game 1989. What would be a good resale

I just did a quick completed listings search on ebay and one went for $50
just a few days ago. Another went for $87 at the beginning of June. Both
were on floppy disk and in excellent condition.

You can also check out Mechwarrior at Price Charting to see how the game is selling.

Interstate ’82 Vigilante Association

You clould remake again a Interstate’82 Page since its no more dead. !
;) My name is DJ_edyo and i am the founder of the Interstate’82
Vigilante’s association ! www.i82va.com

we have a game patch that works and we still play online ! :D haha
have a good day !

Nice! I’ll spread the word.

FPS Jumping

just want to begin my question with saying thanks to you for having this site set up, its great for the small i76-community, its a special place for small numbe of people out there who like the groove.

Q: im playing on GOG-version of interstate 76 and everythings nice except that the framerate is too high so i wont be able to make the jump in the end of mission 5, even with nitro. any clues on fixing this? can tell you im really not the only one with this problem… basically everyone who buys the gog-version has it.

thank you,
speed is your limit!

Thanks for compliments. This has been a problem plaguing all versions of I ’76 on modern systems. Good news: I do have a fix, at least for NVIDIA cards. Within the NVIDIA drivers, it’s possible to set up a custom game profile and define a max FPS limit. To do so, you’ll need to track down and use a piece of software called the NVIDIA Inspector, which will allow you to set some options that the drivers allow, but do not display.

You can find more info in the Interstate ’76 FAQ.

‘Rhana Paint

Hello, I was wondering if you could kinda give me some input or opinion on this idea I’ve been planning. I’m planning on building a 1/24 1970 barracuda with slight adjustments to make the body more like the “Picard Piranha,” which should go over well, but I haven’t yet been
able to plan out the paint, Because in the game it has 2 black lines and the 1 on each side that leads up to the engine size (432) But from some research I have found that the black stripes (Across the hood and trunk) were not on the barracudas (that everyone says the car is designed after) and that the 1970 only had the dotted line like the green version of the car.

But here is my main question, do you know of the cars they used as inspiration for the proper line on the side of the car, because it stretches up and over the back a little bit, I was planning to take the dotted one and paint it in a solid line and then add my own line on the way up but I fear my hand painting wont be good enough, so I was wondering if you knew more about this paint job, Thank you. :)

I don’t believe that the orange and black Piranha paintjob is an exact replica, but instead just inspired by a ‘Cuda. So, just grab some screenshots from the game and base it on that.

Now, painting the line by hand is probably not the best way to approach it. Instead, you’ll want to mask the area with some tape. That should provide much better and straighter lines.

Be sure to send some pictures when the model is done.

Ma… Something Like This

I’m releasing a huge torrent of all the music ripped from the game (including first edition/gold edition/nitro pack/OST). However, I am really stuck with the demo.

I have all the demo songs except 1 (Ma… Something Like This), and I’ve emailed everybody trying to find it. I’ve emailed 3eb’s agent who has not gotten back to me since Jan. I’ve spammed random people who have recently listened to the missing track on last.fm (http://www.last.fm/music/Bullmark/_/MaSomethingLike), and I have emailed some old email accounts that were owned by Arion himself (all dead).

I did get in contact with David Shul (awesome guitarist) a loooong time ago, however, I tried emailing him recently but all of his email accounts are now dead :c

Every link I have chased have been a dead end and it has become very frustrating just to find the missing song.

My question is, would you happen to have the missing track? Or even better, would you know someone who has the real CD? I’d love to rip it to FLACs.

3EBMedia.co.uk, a third Eye Blind fan site, has all of the Bullmark demos available for download.

Scratch that, rewind. I’ve just uploaded a torrent with all the music including the missing demo song everybody has been raving about in your guestbook. I have spent more then 2 years collecting everything for this torrent. All songs are in MP3, FLAC and OGG. All are tagged!

You can download it here: http://btjunkie.org/torrent/Interstate-76-Soundtracks-FLAC-V8-MP3-V0-OGG-Q8/3676539a3e8eec15b5143cce0a7b16d210ff735328b8