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Below, you'll find some of my favorite community-built I'76 maps from back in the day. To get these running, just use extract the files into your Interstate '76\Addon directory. Start a melee single or multiplayer melee game and pick the map of your choice.

Map Name Type Author Size
76th Precinct Combat Stingray 270 KB
All in One Racing/Jumping Skull N. Bones 110 KB
Biggsville Combat Lt. Stinger 275 KB
Bordertown, TX Combat Debacle 113 KB
Bouncy Bouncy AVA   61 KB
Burger Run Combat Debacle 65 KB
Drug Bust Combat Captain Gram 162 KB
Gumball Rally Racing/Jumping Stingray 122 KB
Intercept Pursuit Combat Debacle 82 KB
Leather Town Combat Skull N. Bones 35 KB
Lone's Challenge Racing/Jumping Lone Ranger 37 KB
Modland 4 Combat Funky Speed 48 KB
New Haven 1.1 Combat 63 KB
Offroad Racing/Jumping General Rage 284 KB
Quad Play Racing/Jumping Master Killer 167 KB
Rage County Combat General Rage 271 KB
Ramp-O-Rama Racing/Jumping    
Skull Arena 1.1 AVA Skull N. Bones 20 KB
Zen-R Speedway Racing/Jumping 113 KB