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Listed below are just a few random anecdotes and trivialities on Interstate '76.

  • Oddly enough, much like Jade Champion in the opening sequence to Interstate '76, the Interstate series of games died on Interstate '82. (Don't believe me? Watch that opening I '76 movie again. Is that foreshadowing or what?)

  • At the Activision I '76 Homepage, look on top of the 8-track player. See that book labeled 'Auto-Vigilante's Guide to Multi-melee Combat'? It used to actually go to a page with the I '76 map builder and other multiplayer stories and tips on it.

  • Originally, there were going to be more hand-held weapons than just the pistol. Also planned were a sawed-off shotgun, grenade launcher, and a Molotov slingshot. You can still see the weapons in the parts catalog.

  • If you have a copy of Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries, pop it into your computer and check under the avi directory. You'll find an old preview for Interstate '76.

  • I '76 producer Scott Krager had previously worked on the Bob Newhardt series "Bob" and on "Cheers."