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Auto Vigilante Association - The AVA has a set of rules, based on prices and divisions, designed to enhance the Interstate series of games. There are ladders, information, and useful downloads that you can get here.

Cater's Interstate '76 Page - This is a general I '76 page with some interesting stuff, including an I '76 quiz and the real world locations of the game.

Deli Kingz Home Page - An old I '76 gang with an interesting site to check out.

Gamespot I '76 Strategy Guide - Gamespot's old walkthrough for I '76. I kind of doubt that even Gamespot knows they still have this posted.

GOG Interstate Series forum - Good Old Games' I '76 community; with lots of troubleshooting tips, this is likely the most active I'76 forum and one of the few spots to run across fellow I '76ers in the modern world.

Interstate '76 at Activision - This is the official I '76 homepage.  If you've never been there, it's worth a look. - This place has almost all you'll need for Interstate '82

Jeff Wofford's I '76 Peoms - This awesome site not only has all of the I '76 poems transcribed, but also Zach Norman's commentary on each one. A definite must-read.

Kowalski's I '76 Page - Another old home page, probably best known for its real vehicles chart.

Magnificent Bastards - This the web page of the gang Magnificent Bastards. It's quite an interesting page.

SuiCyco's Speed Shop - A must visit. This is, in my opinion, the best I '76 page made. It features strategies, guides, theory, and much more about the workings of I '76 than you probably cared to know.

11/14/14 - GOG link added
3/3/03 - Fixed a couple of long-dead links