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I '76 Arsenal XP Fix (5.5 MB) - Removes the click sound from the I '76 shell that prevents Windows XP from launching the game. Download this file and extract it to the I '76 install directory, usually C:\Program Files\Activision\Interstate76. It will replace the existing DATABASE.MW2 file.

AVA Utilities - AVA Car Designer, to help you build AVA cars for specific divisions, and AVA Hacker Tracker, to spot those hackers in the original I '76.

I '76 Desktop Theme (630 KB) - Desktop theme for Windows 95/98 with the Plus! package.

Intersatate '76 Wallpapers - Original wallpapers from Activision's I '76 page. Each pack contains wallpapers in 640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768 resolutions.

Interstate '76 Jade Wallpaper Interstate '76 Fire Wallpaper Interstate '76 Trio Wallpaper
Jade, Fire, and Trio Wallpapers

I '76 Soundtrack - Listen to some funky tunes from the original Interstate '76.

I '76 Map Images (845 KB)- Grab a printable map of every level in the game. Especially useful for maze levels in the trip and when no map is provided in-game. Thanks to Kalle Siukola for the contribution.

SMK Player - This will let you view all of the I '76 movies that are in the .SMK format.

Interstate '76 Preview (3.07 MB) - Pulled from the MW2: Mercenaries disc, here is a short preview of the game before its release. Funk will even the odds in this zipped AVI file.

Interstate '76 Key Cards - Having trouble figuring out what button does what? Look no further for the answer. Below are the keycards to the original I '76 and to the I '76 Arsenal. There's not much difference between the two, so choose whichever one looks prettier. Or, if you're an Interstate historian, take them both. Just click on the thumbnail to download the full size card.

Interstate '76 Key Card 1 Interstate '76 Key Card 2

Interstate '76 Key Card 1 Interstate '76 Key Card 2

Demo & Official Updates

Interstate '76 Demo (21 MB)

If you haven't played this, you've been living in a hole the size of Rhode Island since 1997. The demo requires DirectX 3a, but since DirectX 11 is out, I don't think you'll need to worry about that. If you know you've got an original I '76 disc laying around, can't bother to find it, and wonder if it'll run on your computer, you can try this first. Or, if you really afraid of spending the $5 for this thing from GOG, try it here.

Be warned, this is I '76 before any patches arrived; you get a choice of two missions that run software mode and are as buggy as a fly party on modern machines. To get this thing running, download it, extract it to your folder of choice, set I76demo.exe to run in compatibility mode and pretend it's 1997. Or 1976. Whatever.

Interstate '76 Demo Movies (8 MB)

These are the movies to the demo. Highly recommended. I '76 has one hell of a story, with the acting and writing being great throughout.

Interstate '76 v1.06

The following bugs have been fixed in v.1.06:

  1. Multi-Melee: Host has the ability to eject players from the game. CTRL-S to display player names. CTRL-"#" , Where "#" is the player number to eject from the list.
  2. General: Minor internal optimization changes.

The following bugs have been fixed in v.1.05:


  1. Host information and Game Name blinking on and off in setup screen.
  2. Host getting double kills and score.
  3. Turreted weapons not losing their target locks when hitting 'y' or when being jammed (ammo appeared to fire forward in the host's view, but was actually hitting other players (in their view).
  4. Cannot use shift-characters on the number line of the keyboard in the modem configuration menu.
  5. Sometimes players experience partial death, where the player appears to have died but the camera just keeps spinning around the car hulk.
  6. In IPX, the host was able to quit out and rejoin the same game and be in synch. However, in the Game Info box, only the host info appears and it blinks on and off.


  1. Game crashing after Mission 12 when switching between 'no salvage' saved game to 'salvage' saved game.


  1. The Dr. Radar turreted missiles show up as cherub missiles in 320 x 200 mode.
  2. The Aim Nein turreted missiles show up as Fire Rite missiles in 320 x 200 mode.
  3. In 320 x 200 mode, Fire Rite turreted missiles corrupt the g-pit in that the weapon labels change to other weapons and appear to be linked although they still fire singly.
  4. When the limited variant of the Moth Truck explodes, there is a missing texture map (mx11pp_3).

Interstate '76 Force Feedback Patch

This patch adds force feed-back to Interstate '76 and ups the version number to 1.083.

Interstate '76 Gold Edition (70 MB software 85 MB hardware)

If you have Interstate '76, this will upgrade it to the Gold Edition.

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