Welcome to Club Sega. In these pages are reviews, information, articles, and a few ramblings over Sega-related games that I've enjoyed over the years. Take it for what it is - one man's musings and general information for some of Sega's finer moments.


Burning Rangers Burning Rangers - In a utopian future, man has little to fear. War, famine, disease have all been vanqished. Fire, however, is beyond mankind's grasp and it's up to the Burning Rangers to come to the rescue.
Nights into Dreams Nights into dreams... - Foray into a fantastic dream world where a purple hero known as Nights must prevent the sleep world of Nightopia from being conquered by the evil Wizeman. This psuedo-3d game blends the action of classic side-scrollers while bouncing and weaving through a fully three dimensional world.
Rez Rez - Eden, a self-aware computer system has fallen into an existential funk and is shutting itself down. The goal: hack the system, destroy any viruses and firewalls and ultimately find Eden to save her from herself.
Shenmue Shenmue - Ryo Hazuki's father was killed by a strange man. Who is this man and why did he kill his father? Ryo begins a search that will lead him to faraway lands in this RPG/Adventure game.
Sonic the HedgehogSonic the Hedgehog - Sega's mascot Sonic continues his battles against the evil Dr. Robotnik in the ongoing series.
Virtua FighterVirtua Fighter - Fighters from the around the world are brought together by a mysterious syndicate. Battle your way to the top in this realistic three-dimensional fighter.
Virtual OnVirtual On - Take out your virtuaroid, a giant remote-controlled robot, and fight your foes to the death with gameplay that combines Mechwarrior and Virtua Fighter into an eclectic mix of action and strategy.
OtherShorts - Any game that hasn't quite "graduated" to a page of its own yet - Confidential Mission, Daytona USA, House of the Dead, Jet Grind Radio, Virtua Cop & more.