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Nitro Pack XP Fix - As with the original I '76, it turns out that two sounds in the menu cause the game to crash. Instead of having to crank your sound acceleration all the way down in Windows or turn your sound off inside of the game, just download this file and extract it to your I '76 Nitro installation directory (typically C:\Program Files\Activision\I76Nitro). It will disable the sounds inside of the shell and allow the game to run on XP. This will replace the existing database.tvf file.

Nitro Pack Preview (9.33 MB) - This zipped AVI file contains preview footage of Interstate '76 Nitro Pack: The Vigilante Files before its release. Originally included with Heavy Gear.

Nitro Pack Map Images (418 KB)- Grab a printable map of every level in the game. Especially useful for maze levels or where no map is provided in-game. Thanks to Kalle Siukola for the contribution.

Nitro Pack Patches

Nitro Pack Patch 1 - The first beta patch for the Interstate '76 Nitro Pack. Use at your own risk, as it may cause more bugs than it fixes.

Nitro Pack Patch 2 - Same notes as above.