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This is a collection of pre-release Interstate '76 stuff that might be interesting to look at. It was all found at various and sundry web sites, most of which are painfully obvious. To the left is the picture, click it to enlarge, and to the right is the description.

Interstate '76 Giveaway When the original Interstate '76 was released, there was a contest in which Activision was giving away this car, mocked up with full weaponry. The weapons on the car are made from plastic and are just for decoration. Recent whereabouts of the car can be found at the Dodge Charger Registry. (Thanks for the link, Wayek)
Different 'Rhana Paintjob This pre-release screenshot was featured in the April 1997 issue of PC Gamer. Notice the paintjob on the Picard Piranha. In the release version, the car has two black stripes instead of just one. Also, the weapons on top of the car are not to be found in the game.
The first Interstate '76 Screenshot This is, to my knowledge, the first known shot of Interstate '76. There is no car in the game with a paint job or a hood scoop like this one. In fact, it may not even be a screenshot, as it looks more like a mock-up of what the game should look like.
I '76 Short-sleeve Groove This screenshot looks like it was taken from the inside of the car picture above. Notice that there is no long-sleeve shirt on groove's hand in this shot. The dash is not yet fully textured.
Missing Textures Another shot that seems to be from the same build as the two above. Notice the gas station is the same shape as it is in the release version, but without any textures.
I '76 Old Hud Take a look at the HUD on this display. The Mr. Damage read-out is different  from the release version of Interstate '76. There were also magazine ads that featured screenshots with this HUD design.
I '76 Different Hand Groove's hand is different than in the release version of the game.
Old I '76 Pirahna The Piranha has only one strip on the hood of the car, as in other pre-release shots, the color of Groove's shirt is different in this picture, and the rear end of the car is different. Also, there is no HUD display and the dash is not the same as in the final game.
I '76 Gold Masters This is a picture of the Interstate '76 Gold Masters. These were sent to magazine and website reviewers before the game was released. The casing is designed to make the game look like an actual 8-track cassette from the '70s.
Missing I '76 Scene This is obviously the junkyard from the intro to the game. The problem arises from this screenshot never actually being in the intro. 'Zack's Auto Wrecking' is probably a reference to the game's lead designer, Zack Norman.
Missing scene and weapons Here's an image of Taurus's car in the junkyard from the screenshot above. Once again, this is never shown in the intro of the game. Also take notice of the guns protruding from the front of the car. These weapon designs never made it into the game.
Missing I '76 Scene This image seems to be from a cut scene from the game, but there isn't one like this in the game.
Old I '76 damage guages I couldn't get a hold of a larger version of this image, but you can still see that damage gauges are of the old, pre-release style.
I '76 Multi-Melee Site This was the introduction to the multi-melee guide at Activision's Interstate '76 Site. For whatever reason, this section of the site was removed. Of course, the entire I '76 site is down now, but I've always wondered why this portion went first.
I '76 Team Here's a picture of the I '76 team circa 1995.

Yep, there was even a point in time when Interstate '82 had some additional and different features in the game. Check these out:

Interstate '82 HUD Originally, Interstate '82 had a HUD for the inside view, similar to I '76.  After having problems with game speed, the developers removed it. Amongst the speed and other problems, water appearing over the HUD was a reason cited for its removal.
Interstate '82 Hud with mirror Here's another shot of I '82's functioning HUD, this time with the mirror on.
Interstate '82 Hud This screenshot contains parts of the HUD, but not in the same style as the release of I '82. My guess is that it was the alternate in-car HUD, similar to I '76's alternate F1 view.
Interstate '82 Handgun What should have been the deadliest weapon in the game - the handgun - is shown here from the in-car view.

If you run across any pre-release pictures, just contact me, and I'll post them here.