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Interstate ’82 Vigilante Association

The Latest: Interstate ’82 Vigilante Association

You clould remake again a Interstate’82 Page since its no more dead. !
;) My name is DJ_edyo and i am the founder of the Interstate’82
Vigilante’s association !

we have a game patch that works and we still play online ! :D haha
have a good day !

Nice! I’ll spread the word.

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Interstate '76 Intro

Interstate '76

  • Downloads - Programs, add-ons, key cars, patches, etc
  • Cars - Stats and pictures of all cars in I '76
  • Walkthrough - A run-down of all of the TRIP and Melee missions
  • Strategy - Tips and tricks for becoming an I '76 road warrior
  • FAQ - How to install, fix ramp issues, enable 3D acceleration, etc.
  • Q&A - If a question has been answered, find it here. Like the FAQ, but not as frequent
  • Story - Storyline and features of I '76
  • Music - A tracklisting and background info for the game's music
  • Poems - Transcription of Taurus' poems spoken during missions
  • Weapons - Detailed stats and strategy for using the weapons in I '76
  • Characters - Info on every character encountered in the single player game
  • Screenshots - Captures of Interstate '76 in action
  • Real Locations - Maps of the journey taken in the game
  • Maps - More playing fields for instant action or online use
  • Codes - Cheats and Easter Eggs
  • Trivia - Miscellaneous factoids

Interstate '76 Nitro Pack Intro

Nitro Pack

  • Story - Setting the stage for another round of auto-vigilante melee
  • Cars - Latest and greatest rides of the '70s
  • Weapons - Methods of destruction added in the Nitro Pack
  • Screenshots - Images, screenshots and views
  • Downloads - Patches, fixes, and previews for the I'76 expansion
  • Maps - Looking for some new scenery? Find it here
  • Codes - Cheat your way through the Southwest
Interstate '82 Intro

Interstate '82

  • Story - See Taurus and Groove in the new decade
  • Cars - De Landaus and all of the other automobiles of '82
  • Weapons - New destroyers of the game
  • Screenshots - Images, views, and screencaps
  • Thoughts - My reaction to Interstate '82
  • Codes - How to get the most out of I'82 with the least effort
The Rest Intro

The Rest

  • Pre-Release Pictures - Screenshots and images of I '76 before it was released
  • Articles - Interviews and articles with the I '76 team about the game's development
  • Links - Better sites on the web