Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries Codes

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See Game Designers - Walk into the mech bay, and click on the second closest light to you on the right. If you clicked the right light, you should see the production team. When you click on one of them, you can see their bios and comments on the game.

Everything Else - Hold Control-Alt-Shift and enter one of the following codes:

superfunkicalifragisexy Invincibility
superfragicali Auto wins mission successfully
iseenfireandiseenrain Unlimited Ammo
ooohhhlllaaalllaaa Heat tracking
redjackandtikrules Makes targeted enemy self destruct
itsdabooomb Makes targeted enemy self destruct
crazysexycool Infinite jump jets
inmybeautifulballoon Adds jump jets
likethecomstarbaby Automatically succeed in mission
ontimeeverytime Time compression key enabled
antijolt Time expansion enabled
bubbleboy Bounding spheres
beholdmyglory Imfree-eye mode on
undflashyflashy AutoGrouping enabled (makes all weapons fire from the first trigger)
walkthisway Leading Recticle enabled (makes enemies follow your targeting crosshairs towards you)
wediditagain Display Credits