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Solve for MechWarrior
By The Byter
An Alternative Release

Game released by: The Firm

The Lexicon 714-627-0601 9600+ Only!

How to Solve MechWarrior:

This cheat has been provided so you can sit back, play the game, quickly win, say to yourself "How neat! I've won...", and stuff the game away in your archives in a short period of time.

The basic premise behind Mechwarrior is that you're the only surviving son of the leader of Ander's Moon. A group of Mechs attacked the planet, killed your family, and installed a new government on the planet. They also stole a valuable Chalice which is a heirloom of family power or something. Your job is to track down the killers, find the Chalice, and restore your family to power on Ander's Moon.

When you start out, you will usually be on one of the Davion planets, but might start out on a Kurita planet. Travel immediately to the Kurita planet of Land's End.

When you get to Land's End, enter the bar and order a drink. The barkeep will tell you to come back later. Go to the mech complex and sell your Jenner, as you won't need it for a while, and can make a nice profit here. Besides, it will be a lot more expensive to haul it along with you where you're going.

Go back to the bar. The ruffian you meet there will tell you "Grig can be found on...". Make a note of the planet he gives you and go there. I have seen New Samarkand, Tabayama, and Delacruz often. It will always be a Kurita world.

When you get there, you will meet Grig. Accept his mission to deliver a packet to his agent on Dustball, and go there. Dustball is a Steiner world.

When you get to Dustball, there will be a little scuffle. You can either FIGHT then RUN, or RUN then RUN. Just make sure that you RUN the second time. After that, go to the bar and order a drink. The barkeeper will tell you to return later, but you can just order another drink and he'll give you some information and the name of a Marik planet, such as Gibson, Mosiro, or Sadurni. Travel there.

When you arrive on the Marik planet, go to the Mech complex. The man there will tell you that you might find Kangaroo Jack on Tancredi IV or Okefenokee (Davion planets). When you leave, you will be shot at by a sniper. RUN.

When you get to the Davion planet, go to the bar. Order a drink, and you'll be introduced to a guy named Kearny. He'll give you some information, and a scrap of paper with an address on it, telling you to meet him there. When you leave the bar, go ahead and follow the address. Then HIDE and FIGHT.

When you finish that, read the news net. You'll note a few news items in which you were involved. You'll also get a message from Jordan Rowe, telling you where the Black Widows currently are. That's your next destination. It will be a Kurita world like Thestria or Proserpina.

When you get there, go into the bar. You'll see some of the Black Widows, and get a story. CHALLENGE it. You'll get in a fight, and some woman named Tasha will save your butt. She'll tell you that Matabushi is your enemy, not the Black Widows, and that Kearny was just trying to get you killed. Go ahead and leave the bar.

If you read the news net, you'll see that Tasha gave you some files supposedly from Matabushi telling about your family's execution. Read on, and you'll find something about Matabushi announcing a new commercial strategy. Another news item from Jordan Rowe will tell you to meet up with Kearney on Albiero. Go there.

When you get there, you'll land in the middle of a battle, and see Tasha. Follow her. You will see Tasha and Kearny confronting each other, and have to decide whom to trust. I would suggest you trust Tasha.

When the smoke clears, Tasha will give you a data disk explaining the action which killed your family, and who was behind it. She'll also give you five million bucks, which isn't too bad. She'll tell you that the Chalice you're after is on a Kurita planet called Kirchbach (as far as I know, this is always the same) guarded by four Battlemasters and one Warhammer.

Another loose end to tie up is Grig. Head to the planet where you first found him (New Samarkind, Delacruz, or Tabayama) and you'll meet a bum. Ask him to GO ON with his story. Make a DEAL with him.

When you see Grig, WAIT for the situation to improve. You'll get a chance when there are only two guards with him, STRIKE now. He'll try to make a deal with you. Don't go for it, and PULL THE TRIGGER. You'll pocket some easy cash.

You've now done everything you need to do except get the Chalice back. The above actions should have taken about a year of game time, meaning you've got about four more years to go. You should have about 10.5 million bucks, so go ahead and invest in some mechs and crew. SAVE THE GAME before you try to hire any crewmembers, because the game will sometimes crash when you do.

You'll want to end up with a good crew and some good mechs, I would suggest you get four Battlemasters. You'll need money for this, and there are two ways you can get it:

#1 Go around buying Mechs at industrial planets and Mech-manufacturing planets (such as Alshain (Kurita), Herperus II (Steiner), Calloway VI (Marik), Ares (Liao), and Marduk (Davion). Other good planets include Amity, Alderbaran, and Galax. Buy mechs at these planets, and travel to various backwater and out of the way places like Land's End and Baxley. There are a huge number of these planets. Anyway, you can sell Mechs at these places for a nice profit.

#2 Norton Utilities. Save the game, NU it, and give yourself some cash. Money is offset 73 (49h). Fill the three bytes with $FF, and you'll get about 16.7 Million. Or if you're REALLY greedy, go to byte 76 (4Ch), and change that one to 01h to 0Fh (0Fh will give you about 250,000,000).

Once you get cash, hire a crew and start practicing doing jobs for the various houses. When your crew gets good enough (I suppose you could cheat for this also, if you wanted to), go to Kirchbach and kick some butt.

End of game.

I hope you enjoyed this little solve, and you'll see some more in the future. In addition, I have done a set of docs to Mechwarrior, as the cracking groups did not see fit to release them.

The Alternative -- When the "big" groups don't come through.