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Mechwarrior, of course, is set in the Battletech Universe, providing the rich background and history that fills the games. But have you ever wondered just how exactly these games fit into Battletech's history? Just exactly, which game corresponds to when and where? Fear not, just check out the timeline below. On the left are important events in the Battletech universe and the bars on the right show each games duration and time.

2020 - Fusion reactor developed by Thomas Kearny and Takaoshi Fuchida allows for inter-space travel.  
2027 - Fusion-powered ship Columbia travels to Mars.  
2108 - Based on earlier research from Kearny and Fuchida, light-speed travel is discovered and mankind is able to travel beyond Terra and colonize many existing planets.  
2236 - The colonies are united under the banner "Terran Alliance". Although the Alliance is to include all colonies, after resistance, those beyond 30 light years from Terra are granted their own independence.  
2316 - James McKenna, admiral of the Alliance Navy, uses his power to take down the corrupt Alliance and erect the Hegemony in its place. The Hegemony is to include all of colonized space, and McKenna uses military force to unite the formerly independent colonies.  
2399 - Upon McKenna's death, his third cousin, Michael Cameron, takes thrown and creates his Peer's List of recognized people.  
2351 - Feudal families based on Cameron's list rise to power (House Steiner's Lyran Commonwealth, Kurita's Draconis Combine, Davion's Federated Suns, Liao's Capellan Federation, and Marik's Free Worlds League), controlling the planets surrounding the Hegemony.  
2400-2455 - Arguments and battles between the Houses start.  
2439 - The first Battlemechs are used in combat.  
2496 - Dropships are invented as mech transport vehicles.  
2571 - Star League forms. To join all of the colonies under Star League rule, the Reunification Wars begin, lasting until 2597  
2700-2750 - Technology improves rapidly and becomes abundant, allowing for advances in arts, medicines, weaponry, and Battlemechs, resulting in Star League's Golden Era.  
2751 - Ian Cameron, first lord of Star League dies, leaving his young boy, Richard Cameron, on the throne.  
2766 - To gain control of Star League, Stegan Amaris murders the young Richard.  
2779 - General Alexander Kerensky, leader of Star League Defense Force, overthrows Amaris and orders execution of all of the Amaris forces. In response, Kerensky is stripped of title of "Protector of Realm" and the SLDF is dispersed. Unable to choose a new leader, House heads bid for Kerensky and his army to join them.  
2784 - Dissatisfied with quarreling between houses, General Alexander Kerensky and 75% of Stare League Army head off into space.  
2786-2821 - With no army, Houses fight for power in the first Succession War. Technology is destroyed, scientists are killed, and human society loses much of its knowledge.  
2830-2864 - 2nd succession war  
2866-3025 - By this point, the five Inner Sphere houses have split into two major factions, as Steiner and Davion ally against Kurita, Liao and Marik. Technology is rare and Battlemechs are some of the most powerful war machines on the field.  
3005 - A mysterious mercenary group with advanced gear and tactics, Wolf's Dragoons, appears on the Periphery serving contracts for Inner Sphere Houses.  
3014-3015 - Marik civil war  
3028-3030 - 4th Succession war; Technology starts to re-emerge and Battlemech construction begins anew. With more Mechs available, Mechwarriors lose their elite, knight-like, public status. Mechwarrior (3024-3029)
3030-3037 - Andurien War of Succession - Duchy of Andurina with Magistracy of Canopus secede from FWL to attack the Capellan Confederation. Capellans crush them.  
3034 - Rasalhague District is granted independence, creating the Free Rasalhague Republic. The Draconis Combine resists and fights violently using hired Mercenaries. The mercenaries are paid too much for too little work in the hastily written contracts and DC citizens come to loathe them.  
3039-3040 - War of 3039 - Federated Commonwealth attack the Draconis Combine Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries (3044-3052)
3049 - While the Inner Sphere battles between themselves, the Clans, a militaristic society descended from Gen. Alexander Kerensky, have returned to claim the Inner Sphere. Clans Smoke Jaguar, Ghost Bear, Jade Falcon and Wolf are among the initial invaders.
3050 - Clan ilKhan is killed and the Clans pull back on their advance while electing Ulric Kerensky of Clan Wolf as their new leader. In the mean time, Wolf's Dragoons meet with the Successor States and reveal that they are part of Clan Wolf, and are willing to sabotage the Clans to ensure that the IS wins.
3051 - Clans resume their IS attacks. Smoke Jaguar and Nova Cat attack the Draconis Combine capital Luthien, where Hanse Davion sends the Kell Hounds and Wolf's Dragoons to defend his enemies' capital city in order to defeat a common foe.
3052 - The Clan attack on the Inner Sphere boils down to the Battle of Tukayyid. If the Clans win, they get Terra. If defenders Comstar win, the clans will leave the Inner Sphere for 15 years. After a bloody battle, Comstar is victorious.
3057 - Joshua Reprisal's FWL and Cappellan Confederation recover planets they lost in the 4th succession war.  
3057 - Refusal war - Between the clans there are Wardens - those who wish to return to the Inner Sphere as protectors - and the Crusaders - who come as conquerors. Crusaders Jade Falcon and Warden Clan Wolf fight bitterly over this, severely weakening each clan. Jade Falcon emerges as the victors and resumes attacking the Inner Sphere. Mechwarrior 2 (3057)
The Warden faction of Clan Wolf goes into exile, while the Crusader faction is adopted by Jade Falcon. Rogue members of the newly-formed Jade Wolves steal the genetic material of Clan Ghost Bear's founders. Ghost Bear's Legacy
3058 - Word of Blake Militia, reactionary offshoot of Comstar, gains control of Terra.  
3059 - Star League is reborn for one major purpose - to protect the Inner Sphere from the threat of the clans.  
3059 - 3060 - Newly reunited Star League begins a destruction mission aimed at the Smoke Jaguars. Led by Victor Steiner-Davion, the Star League is successful beyond hope, eradicating the Jaguars. Mechwarrior 3,
Pirate's Moon
To finish off the rest of the clans, military, Prince Victor Steiner initiates a Trial of Refusal. The remaining clans were either driven from the I.S. (Steel Vipers), absorbed by other clans, or for warden clans, became a part of the I.S. (Nova Cat and Ghost Bear)  
Katrina Steiner-Davion usurps Victor's throne while he is gone. Many are angered by this, including Duke Erik Scharpe on Kentares IV, home of Ian Dresari. Dresari's rightful throne is taken by his cousin in support of Katrina and Ian battles to gain it back. Mechwarrior 4
Some feel that Dresari's throne actually belongs to his deceased sister Johanna, and he is overthrown. The Black Knight
3060-3063 - Capellan/St. Ives Civil War  
3063-3067 - Federated Commonwealth Civil War - Victor, afraid of the massive bloodshed it will cause, is reluctant to engage his sister for taking his throne, but finally succumbs to public pressure, generating years of intense fighting and struggle involving the entire Inner Sphere. The new Star League is practically destroyed in the process. Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries (3066-3067)
3067-3071 - Word of Blake Jihad - Society is brought to its knees by the Word of Blake radicals through the use of nuclear and biological warfare.