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Looking for some other good sites? Saying to yourself, "Haven't I read that somewhere else?" and feel like visiting that site? Check out these links:

Kanajana's Mechwarrior 2 3D Page - You've finally got the 3-D enhanced version of Mechwarrior 2. What? There's seven thousand different 3-D enhanced versions of the game? Check out the comparisons between all of them and see if you have the nice ATI 3D Rage version with high-poly mechs or just another an average port. Alternatively, visit the site here.

Mechwarrior 2 Holoprojector Archive - Want to relive Mechwarrior 2 by reading all of the background information that was in the Clan Halls Archive? This is your place.

Mechwarrior 2: The Clans Demo Review - After reading about "The Clans" here, check this out.

Mechwarrior 2: Resource Forum - Wondering what the current Mechwarrior 2 scene is like? Then take a look at this forum. Not only does it have a ton of info about running Mech2 on current machines, but even a few of the game's programmers stop by on occasion.

Phil's Mechwarrior 2 Page - Files, old info, and a few variants.

The Mech Bay - Mission strategies, weapons analysis and more for MW2: Mercenaries were featured here. (Site is down, but linked via Internet Archive.)

Wars in the Inner Sphere - Info on lot's of older Mechwarrior and Battletech related PC games, including the Crescent Hawk series of Battletech games.

Yan's Mechwarrior 2 Info Page - Interesting tidbits and facts about Mechwarrior 2 fill this site.