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Play any mission - Register with the name "FREEBIRTHTOAD".

Play with Battlemaster - In the star config, change your name to "Enzo". Also, there's a bug in the game that prevents the battlemaster's use.  In order to fix it, change byte at offset 3206200 from 0x0B to 0x11 and change byte at offset 3206752 from 0x0B to 0x11.

Play with Tarantula - In the star config, change your name to "Hobbes".

Play with Elemental - In the star config, change your name to "Calvin".

Everything Else - Hold Control-Alt-Shift and enter one of the following codes:

blorb Invulnerability
cia Unlimited ammo
coldmiser Heat tracking
hangaround Turn of time limit
flygirl Add jump jets
mightymouse Infinite Jump jets
gankem Destroy targeted mech
enolagay Nuclear Bomb
michelin See bounding spheres
tinkerbell Free-floating external camera
front Mini front view
xray Enhanced imaging with see-through
dorcs Show Credits
icanthackit End mission successfully
idkfa "This ain't Doom." Ends missions as a failure.
zmak Toggles time expansion 
meepmeep Time compression key enabled 
unmeepmeep Time compression key disabled
lairdo "ATTENTION ENEMIES: Don't mess with the blimp."
dei "F E I F"
shit "Freebirth vulgarity will not be tolerated!"
fuck "Freebirth vulgarity will not be tolerated!"
wediditagain More Credits