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just want to begin my question with saying thanks to you for having this site set up, its great for the small i76-community, its a special place for small numbe of people out there who like the groove.

Q: im playing on GOG-version of interstate 76 and everythings nice except that the framerate is too high so i wont be able to make the jump in the end of mission 5, even with nitro. any clues on fixing this? can tell you im really not the only one with this problem… basically everyone who buys the gog-version has it.

thank you,
speed is your limit!

Thanks for compliments. This has been a problem plaguing all versions of I ’76 on modern systems. Good news: I do have a fix, at least for NVIDIA cards. Within the NVIDIA drivers, it’s possible to set up a custom game profile and define a max FPS limit. To do so, you’ll need to track down and use a piece of software called the NVIDIA Inspector, which will allow you to set some options that the drivers allow, but do not display.

You can find more info in the Interstate ’76 FAQ.

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  1. Hey,
    Your I76 is really awesome. I think this is about my 4th time getting back in to the game since it died off, and this is the first time I’ve come back and there’s a really good active resource.

    Anyway, I’ve got the game running pretty nicely at 30 fps (1920×1080) using nglide. Still get wobbly wheels AI in the campaign though. Have you ever heard of this situation?

    -Nate on
  2. Hmm… The FPS fixes seemed to take care of it for me, but there still may be other elements of the game that aren’t tied directly to FPS. So, it’s worth a shot to try to track down a CPU throttling program and see if that does the trick. I’ve heard that some have had good results with CPU Grabber.

    Out of curiosity, are the flame weapons and the jumps working correctly?

    -localditch on
  3. Tried CPU Grabber, no luck. Yes, all the usual bugs seem to be there including the flame thrower problem.

    There’s also a sort of halting effect where the game is smooth, but sort of lurches constantly. Anyone else gotten that?

    -Nate on
  4. If all of the normal bugs are there, are you sure that the game is running at a reduced frame rate? Enabling v-sync in nglide would lock the frame rate at 60fps on a standard monitor.

    If you’re using an NVIDIA card, you can try to download the NVIDIA Inspector and create a profile for I ’76, then manually lock the FPS that way. I’ve read that MSI Afterburner can do similar things for ATI cards, but I’ve not verified it.

    -localditch on
  5. This is pretty funny actually.

    After everything, and I assure you I had everything set up correctly the whole time, the problem resolved with…a restart of the computer.

    Works unbelievably well now. Now, when are we gonna get it together to play online?

    -Nate on
  6. Funny thing is that it was for sure running at 30fps, just needed a restart as well.

    -Nate on

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