Ma… Something Like This

I’m releasing a huge torrent of all the music ripped from the game (including first edition/gold edition/nitro pack/OST). However, I am really stuck with the demo.

I have all the demo songs except 1 (Ma… Something Like This), and I’ve emailed everybody trying to find it. I’ve emailed 3eb’s agent who has not gotten back to me since Jan. I’ve spammed random people who have recently listened to the missing track on (, and I have emailed some old email accounts that were owned by Arion himself (all dead).

I did get in contact with David Shul (awesome guitarist) a loooong time ago, however, I tried emailing him recently but all of his email accounts are now dead :c

Every link I have chased have been a dead end and it has become very frustrating just to find the missing song.

My question is, would you happen to have the missing track? Or even better, would you know someone who has the real CD? I’d love to rip it to FLACs., a third Eye Blind fan site, has all of the Bullmark demos available for download.

Scratch that, rewind. I’ve just uploaded a torrent with all the music including the missing demo song everybody has been raving about in your guestbook. I have spent more then 2 years collecting everything for this torrent. All songs are in MP3, FLAC and OGG. All are tagged!

You can download it here:


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  1. Thanks for displaying my question, I can only hope more people download the torrent instead of the crappy low quality mp3s I’ve seen everywhere else.

    -Anon on
  2. Excellent work. That’ll make quite a few people happy. Thanks!

    -localditch on

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