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Battlezone 98 Redux is Released

A recycler rests at its base in Battlezone 98 Redux.

Battlezone 98 Redux, the remake of Activision’s real-time strategy version of the classic Battlezone has been released for your enjoyment.

Battlezone (the ’98 Activision version) is back. This time around, it’s courtesy of Big Boat Interactive and Rebellion Studios. New features include a graphical refresh, integrated Steam Workshop and mods, and functioning, easy-to-access multiplayer.

My thoughts: If you want to experience some Battlezone multiplayer action, now is the time. Hop in while everyone else is hopping and enjoy the fun.

At the moment, you can pick it up with 20% off via Steam.

Activison’s Battlezone to be Remastered

Battlezone Returns

Activision’s ’98 classic, Battlezone, gets a remaster from Rebellion Studios.

Rebellion Studios, currently producing a remake of Atari’s original Battlezone, has released an open letter announcing that they’ll be remastering Activision’s more modern version of Battlezone, too.

I find it interesting that they describe their remake of Atari’s game as a reboot, while the Activision version gets a remaster. Now, what exactly does remastering entail? (more…)

Torrential Zone

ive been looking for sometime now on how maybe i can run my battlezone i downloaded in a torrent file. It works ok when i mount the image but at the main menu of the game, it tells me to insert a cd. any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Please visit


The servers.dat file you have is an old one. The most current servers.dat file can be found at It contains the 5 operational anet servers available today.

Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve changed the links on this site so that they now point directly to the bz911 servers.dat file, in order to make sure everyone gets the latest version

Questions Answered

As usual, if you contacted the site, in the last six months, you probably haven’t heard anything back. Good news, though: That all changes today. I’ve gone through and answered all the questions/comments/corrections to the site, so be sure check out the latest Q & A.

In other news, Pandemic Studios, responsible for the creation of Battlezone II, has officially closed its doors. Related to the subject, Pandemic’s Ken Miller, who programmed on 1998’s BZ is working on a 1.5 version patch to the game. You can check out the progress on Ken Miller’s blog or at the Forums.

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