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You’ve got questions, we’ve got advice that’ll deeply confuse you. Wait, that’s not right. Anyway, here’s the deal, if there’s a question about the site, about the games on the site, about games I’ve talked about on the site, about the world, or if you feel like threatening me in the form of a question, just contact me and I’ll answer it here.

Note that I may correct spelling errors.


The servers.dat file you have is an old one. The most current servers.dat file can be found at http://www.bz911.com/anet2/servers.dat. It contains the 5 operational anet servers available today.

Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve changed the links on this site so that they now point directly to the bz911 servers.dat file, in order to make sure everyone gets the latest version

64-bit 76

Is there a version or a patch that will let me play the original version on vista 64? I have had this game since it came out and thought I would love to play it again.

The biggest hurdle is getting the game to install. Be sure to check out the Interstate ’76 FAQ – Installation Issues to find the solution.


Hey there, nice page. I for one am a huge fan of the game (see this site and I really enjoyed reading through your stuff.

One thing I stumbled upon is the fact, that the interview with Zach Norman is actually with Sean Vesce. :)

Oh, and maybe you can answer me, what the aliens in the UFO are saying during the cutscene? In exchange I can tell you, that it’s “Oktoberfest”, not Oktober-Fett. It’s an annual Beerfest in Germany and I would never attend it, but hey, it’s famous. :)

Glad to hear you’ve enjoyed the site. Good call on the I ’76 interview. The page has been corrected.

I’ve got no clue what the aliens are saying.

As for Oktoberfest/Oktober Fett, it’s quite possible that I’ve been hearing the name incorrectly for the past decade. Of course, it does make sense that a German-accented character would choose a name after the world-renown festival.

Cheap Bastard

Hi i love Battlezone but i cant find the game anywhere for free i got no money realy no money but i would like to play this game full version and i do not have a cd player on my pc so if you know someone or somewhere where i can download the full version game for free and where i do not need to subscribe to any thing i would surly love it if you can provide me with it. if you like this game and you would like to play with someone else and cant find player if i get the game ill be able to play with you or your friends if they are looking for a player.

There’s an old saying: “If you can’t afford it, then it’s not for you.” Honestly, a quick search would get you the results way faster than me. For a Battlezone site that is current and up-to-date, check out Battlezone1.net.

Sticky Ramp Situation

Hey I actually just found this website and also I just signed up for the forums, but just incase it takes a bit for my registration to go through on the forums, I thought I’d try here too. This is actually regarding the game. I am on mission 5 where you have to jump the bridge to meet skeeter. I follow all directions and even followed the youtube videos I found. BUT everytime I hit the stinking ramp my car slows down to a crawl and i miss the jump every time. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I hit the nitros and floor it perfectly straight for the ramp. HELP ME!! haha I’m glad I found this website. I used to play this game many many years ago and I just recently obtained the game.

Wait, you signed up for the forums? There aren’t any forums on this site…

But on to your question: The physics in I ’76 are out-of-whack on most modern computers. It appears that some of the weapons and handling are based on the computer’s processor speed, so things like the e-brake, flame throwers, and unfortunately, ramps, just don’t work right.

To get around this, use a program to slow down or throttle down your system. Or, even better, if you’ve got an older computer collecting dust, just play it on that. If that still doesn’t work, just use the “Getdown” code to skip to the next level.

Awesome Charger

I’m sure you know about the car that Activision was giving away back when I ’76 first came out, but no one really heard of what happened to it…

Well I found the exact same one! The full history can be found at the 1970 Charger Registry.

Awesome information. Thanks very much for spreading the word on this piece of I ’76 history.

Special Request

I was wondering if you would consider making a fool-proof instruction on how to connect the bz server? After reading quite much about the topic, I honestly still have no idea what to do to play I 76 on-line.

There are really two issues at play here: The first is that very few people are actually playing I ’76 online anymore. The second is that you can’t connect to a server unless you have a direct internet connection. From what I’ve heard, playing behind a router will not work, although I haven’t verified this personally.

To answer your question directly: I don’t plan on creating a guide on how to run I ’76 online.