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Jumps Ahoy

In response addition to Stick Ramp Situation:

I recently bought Interstate 76 through GOG.

I have the same problem, but I slowed the CPU down 75% using CPUKiller and STILL cannot make the jump. I hate to use the cheat code and am concerned that similar problems will occur later in the game.Any further advice to what you gave before ??BTW, amazing to find this information at all – what a service you provide !!

I’m a bit saddened to hear that this problem is still in the GOG release of the game. They usually do a very good job of getting the older games up to speed on newer systems, but it seems I ’76 fell through the cracks.

Unfortunately, I don’t really have any other advice. You may encounter similar issues throughout the game. But on a positive note, the last time I played through I ’76, this was the only level where I had to use a cheat code. All of the others may have been a bit buggy, but they’d eventually work correctly.

Max Damage

How in Hell did you get all of the statistics for the weapons, especially the damage values? The Brady Games Interstate ’76 Game Guide does not have all of the data in your tables. Great job!

Thanks to your site I was able to get my complete copy of the Bullmark Demo CD.

I have a small Web site dedicated to automotive combat games. There are a few files on it that should interest Interstate ’76 fans.

Are you interested in hosting the original Interstate ’76 wallpapers that were available on the Activision Web site in 1997? I uploaded them to my Web site last month. You are welcome to host them on The Local Ditch Gaming Emporium, permitting me to use the space for other files.

Seattle Washington Autoduel Team Headquarters (SWAT HQ)

SWAT HQ – Burning Rubber Interstate ’76 RPG

SWAT HQ – Automotive Combat Desktop Themes and Wallpapers

Drive Offensively!

Thanks for the message. In short, I took the values from the long-gone SuiCyco’s Speed Shop – a site that knew what they were doing. But in all seriousness, parts of the values were originally taken from the Interstate ’76 manual and the damage values were discovered with a little bit of hex editing.

Also, thanks for the I ’76 wallpapers. They’re up on the site now for anyone who wants to put some funky cheer on their desktop.

Good Old News

Interstate 76 was just released on Good Old Games (gog.com), so there might be some renewed interest in the game. Just wanted to drop you a line and say I’m pleased to find an archive with some bits of the best community stuff from the golden age of the game. Articles from Sui’s Speed Shop, utilities from the AVA, it all brings back fond memories.


(Original author of the weapon comparison chart on SSS, former head of the AVA.)

It’s great to hear that I ’76 has made its way over to GOG. It also explains the recent spike in traffic to this site. I’m always glad to recognize an old name from the I ’76 community, even if I wasn’t too active in it myself.

And for those that are fans of the Speed Shop (which was by far my favorite I ’76 site), someone has reposted it in its near-entirety over here: Sui’s Speed Shop.

Polygonal Pin-Up

I tried to download the I’76 desktop theme from this site, but the link was broken. Are you able to send it to me by mail?

Would look awesome on my newly set-up retro-rig :)

Thanks for informing me about the broken link. It’s up on the site now and the download should work fine.

Torrential Zone

ive been looking for sometime now on how maybe i can run my battlezone i downloaded in a torrent file. It works ok when i mount the image but at the main menu of the game, it tells me to insert a cd. any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Please visit battlezone1.net.

Voodoo Magic

I have the same disk as you and tried following your instructions, but I couldn’t get it to work. I need help with the glide. How do I configure it? Also, I could only get my hands on the beta 2 version…

Ok, first question: Can you run Mechwarrior 2 in Windows without applying any of the Glide patches? If you can’t, then be sure to get the game working. After that, copy over the 3dfx files. To install dgvoodoo, just copy its files into the Mechwarrior 2 directory. As far as the particular options go, play with them a bit and see what types of effects they may have on your system.

I’m offering no guarantees that this’ll work for anyone else. But, I did manage to get the game running that way and maybe someone else out there can use the info as, if no other reason, a starting point.