Lines of Time

As promised, I’ve got my method to convert Mechwarrior 2 from the standard Windows 95 version to the 3Dfx version up. In addition, the Mechwarrior/Battletech timeline is up, which will give a good indication of when the games take place not only in dates, but also in context of the (classic) Battletech universe.

The Heavy Gear section has been revamped, much like other parts of the site. Now, it’s frameless and all the code is compliant. There’s a few updates among the pages, so take a look around.

Heavy Gear Links – More links added
Heavy Gear 2 Codes – Santa Hat Easter Egg added
Heavy Gear 2 Downloads – Severs.dat file added
Mechwarrior 2 FAQ – 3DFX Conversion is up
Mechwarrior Timeline – Up and complete

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