Joystick Legacy

So, I’ve finally got the Mechwarrior 2 series up and running, for the most part, how I’d like it to. I may be over ten years late to the party, but I’m finally playing Ghost Bear’s Legacy.

There’s only one problem, though: that Logitech Extreme 3D joystick that I picked up a month ago. It’s fine for I ’76, since the game doesn’t require any rudder control. The X and Y-axis are fine, but the Z-direction, the twist, is pretty bad. Since the Mech2 series always recenters the torso to match the joystick, it means a jittery z-axis will cause the mech’s torso and aim to jitter as well, making things harder than they should be. This is alright in MW4, where the z-axis works more like a mouse, moving it left causes the torso to turn left and stay turned left rather than recenter.

Help is on the way, as I’m awaiting the arrival of a 99 cent MS Sidewinder Precision Pro from ebay.

It is possible to convert Mechwarrior 2 from the standard version to the 3D-accelerated, non-Titanium, version. In a few weeks (after I retrace my steps), I’ll get a guide up on how to do it. In the meantime, there’s a couple of updates:

Interstate ’76 FAQ – Vista and XP SP3 install
Q & A – More questions: I 76, BZ, and HG

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