The Return of Heavy Gear

Heavy Gear Returns

Stompy Bot Productions and Mektek make a surprising announcement: The return of mecha-game Heavy Gear!

I have no idea how I managed to miss this one. Back in August, I received an e-mail that must’ve gone straight to my Spam folder and was wiped out before I had a chance to see it. Now luckily, I managed to spot a redundant backup of the thing today, because it was the official press release for the new Heavy Gear game!

Stompy Bot Productions is publishing Heavy Gear Assault, which is currently in development by long-time mech gamers Mektek, most recently known for re-releasing Mechwarrior 4.

Following the path of Mechwarrior Online and Hawken, Heavy Gear Assault will be a free-to-play online battle, with additional content available for purchase.

I’m pretty pumped to see the Heavy Gear series make a return. If anyone knows how to do this series justice, it’s the Mektek team. With all of the recent offering popping up in the genre, now is an excellent time to be a fan of fighting robots.

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