Good Old News

Interstate 76 was just released on Good Old Games (, so there might be some renewed interest in the game. Just wanted to drop you a line and say I’m pleased to find an archive with some bits of the best community stuff from the golden age of the game. Articles from Sui’s Speed Shop, utilities from the AVA, it all brings back fond memories.


(Original author of the weapon comparison chart on SSS, former head of the AVA.)

It’s great to hear that I ’76 has made its way over to GOG. It also explains the recent spike in traffic to this site. I’m always glad to recognize an old name from the I ’76 community, even if I wasn’t too active in it myself.

And for those that are fans of the Speed Shop (which was by far my favorite I ’76 site), someone has reposted it in its near-entirety over here: Sui’s Speed Shop.

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