Sticky Ramp Situation

Hey I actually just found this website and also I just signed up for the forums, but just incase it takes a bit for my registration to go through on the forums, I thought I’d try here too. This is actually regarding the game. I am on mission 5 where you have to jump the bridge to meet skeeter. I follow all directions and even followed the youtube videos I found. BUT everytime I hit the stinking ramp my car slows down to a crawl and i miss the jump every time. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I hit the nitros and floor it perfectly straight for the ramp. HELP ME!! haha I’m glad I found this website. I used to play this game many many years ago and I just recently obtained the game.

Wait, you signed up for the forums? There aren’t any forums on this site…

But on to your question: The physics in I ’76 are out-of-whack on most modern computers. It appears that some of the weapons and handling are based on the computer’s processor speed, so things like the e-brake, flame throwers, and unfortunately, ramps, just don’t work right.

To get around this, use a program to slow down or throttle down your system. Or, even better, if you’ve got an older computer collecting dust, just play it on that. If that still doesn’t work, just use the “Getdown” code to skip to the next level.

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