More Road to Cover

I started thinking of my good ol’ i76 gaming days, and it took a while for my to come out of my daydreams…honestly, I think it would be a good game to this date and I would love to see activision raising the game from the dead by making a true prequel, with the feel of i76 TRIP. The trip was in my opinion one of the best computer game experiences I have ever had. Anyways, so activision would be afraid of losing money, but what if they, were innovative and used more or less the same game engine, saving shitloads of money and only using money on development of missions and story etc. It would be a cheap affair for Activision, it would almost make sure that the original atmosphere of the game remained and if a fan community is involved in the planning stages for important input it could truly become a great game.

aaaaahh…I love to dream pleasant dreams. But, do you think there is any posibility that activision would let do something like this? (how much I would like to drive that beloved Picard Pirahna once more)

Unfortunately, it’s not going to happen. I’m sure at this point, Activision is done with the Interstate series. Even though it would be great to see another game, I just can’t imagine it happening.

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