Daylight Savings

A few days ago, I received an e-mail asking if I wanted to put some maps to the I ’76 levels on the site. After checking them out, the answer was a definite, “Yes,” so those are up on the site in the I ’76 Downloads and through the I ’76 walkthrough.

I went and cleaned up some the of I ’76 links last week and it seemed like I should do the same for the other sections of the site. So, the Battlezone and BZII sections have had all of the broken external links removed.

There are a few small changes to some pages on the SEGA section, but I can’t even recall what they are.

As usual, there’s some behind-the-scenes stuff as well, most of which isn’t noticeable.

Battlezone Links – Old links removed
Battlezone II Links – Old links removed
Interstate ’76 Downloads – I ’76 Maps added
Interstate ’76 Walkthrough – New maps for maze levels

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