Battlezone Woes

Can you believe I am just now playing this game. I am having two problems. One is upgrading to a new weapon I created. Tried just running the ship into it, but it will not pick it up. Of course I already have a limit of weapons. Figure I have to remove one somehow?

Also, I sometime need to gather info on something I find. I place the reticle over the subject and try the I key but nothing seems to happen. I have read to use the T-I key, seems more like it should be “Spacebar”-I key. At any rate, I have then been told of insubordination and game is ended for failing to achieve directives.

Make sure that weapon type matches the hardpoint that your ship has. If you’re in a Scout, for example, there are two hardpoints for a cannon. Trying to put a rocket in there is not going to work.

For the latter part of the question, I’m betting that this happens during mission 3. Be sure to turn the option for Strategy Help off. After that, just get the target reticule over the object, press “I” and you’re good to go.

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