Activison’s Battlezone to be Remastered

Battlezone Returns

Activision’s ’98 classic, Battlezone, gets a remaster from Rebellion Studios.

Rebellion Studios, currently producing a remake of Atari’s original Battlezone, has released an open letter announcing that they’ll be remastering Activision’s more modern version of Battlezone, too.

I find it interesting that they describe their remake of Atari’s game as a reboot, while the Activision version gets a remaster. Now, what exactly does remastering entail? It sounds like it would simply be a higher-res re-issue, like Perfect Dark on newer consoles. Based purely on nothing but speculation, I’d imagine what’ll end up happening is that we’ll get a similar RTS/FPS hybrid, nearly the same story, but using the assets and setting of Rebellion’s newest Battlezone.

If hearing this announcement brings back the urge to return to ’98, then head over to and install the 1.5 patch and get that sucker running. I haven’t dug out the ol’ Battlezone disc in years (or updated the Battlezone section of the site, for that matter), but the game’s innovation and story bring back fond memories.

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