Aging Like Wine

I realize my site has fallen into the category of “Retro” gaming. Not really by choice, of course, but time seems to have a way of making these things happen. I’m not going to fight it. Instead, I’m going to enjoy the title and all that comes with it.

I’ve finally stepped into the modern world of gaming and purchased a PS2, which means I’m only about seven years late to the party. The real winner of the PS3 vs. Xbox360 war is the PS2 – a relatively cheap console with a huge library of inexpensive games. Looking to Japan yields an even larger library…

The Sega Ages 2500 line of games have been published in Japan for a few years with mixed results. Sega’s older titles have been (re?) re-released on the PS2, sometimes with better graphics, sometimes not. Quite a few Saturn remakes have been coming, and a PS2 Nights is on its way.

I’m a bit hesitant about purchasing anything, though. The Virtua Fighter 2 game is the closest home conversion yet, but it’s still not arcade perfect, even on a console that is several times more powerful than a Model 2 board. Still, it has piqued my interest. Newer games in the series tend to be done well, with better graphics, updates, and new extras.

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