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There’s a huge update to the Sega section. The site has been revamped. Looks-wise, it’s probably more of an evolution than anything else. It has been looking stale for about the last six years and I’ve been planning to get the Sega blog stuff on there for a while, so it seemed like now was the time to update it.

That particular section of the site has been through a lot. And by that, I mean periods of time in Notepad, then Frontpage Express, then Frontpage, then Dreamweaver, and now finally… back to Notepad. To use a pad pun (or two?), the pages were in htm hell.

I’ve been out of the web game for a bit, so it was nice to catch up on the new css/html updates. That being said, everything on the new pages is strict xhtml 4.0 and things are a lot less messy behind the scenes. Is it perfect? No, but at least I can just play around with the stylesheet to get it right. I won’t deny it, I am proud that it’s all done in notepad. Not proud enough to put up an image of it, but still proud nonetheless.

So, some quick answers to a few questions: Yes, I’m still using the background that I ripped off of Sega’s official site ten years ago. Yes, I think it “makes the page.” No, the content hasn’t really been changed.

And yes, it looks much nicer. And possibly more like Wikipedia. Granted, my site has been around longer and looked like the Wiki before the Wiki existed, so take that for what it’s worth.

In the words of some semi-famous guy, “We took all our favorite parts and threw them into one big pile of shit.” Or something to that effect.

And by the way, check out famous guy’s new album Death Magnetic; it’s not too shabby.

Enough rambling, go take a look.

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