Virtua Fightin’: Southern Style

I travel a lot for work, which means occasionally I go to someplace interesting. Most of the time, I don’t. One day, after work, I decided to head out to the local mall and check things out, when I happened upon an arcade. Inside were, as expected, a lot of Sega games – Crazy Taxi, Daytona, the usual stuff. And, over near some of the older games, sat the original Virtua Fighter in all of it’s glory. It was so original that the arcade cabinet had Siba on it. Now, I’ve seen this before online (I didn’t take the picture below), but I had never seen one of these cabinets in person. Did it change my life? No. But in some way, it was nice to see a piece of Virtua Fighter history before my very eyes. Virtua Fighter Original Characters

By the way, if you want to find this piece of living history, go hang out at the Shannon Mall in Union City, GA.

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