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Moon BaseIn the 1950s, a precious metal had showered down to Earth from a meteoroid. The U.S. and the Soviets had discovered this miracle metal at the same time. Both armies rapidly used up this metal, due to its ability to create strong but light war vehicles. The only source of this mineral is from the moon and other planets, thus the space race begins.

Grizzly 1• Full-Blown 3-D Warfare: Pilot one of 20 anti-gravity war machines equipped with weapons of destruction: mortars, mines and the devastating Thumper Device, which launches a Richter-heavy groundquake over the morphable terrain.

• Full Strategic Control: You are the supreme commander of more than 30 unique units, including tanks, infantry and mobile assault turrets. Build bases, deploy forces, manage resources and build your empire, all from the pilot's seat of your tank.

Grizzly 2• Realistic First-Person Combat Action: Ship shot down? Bail out, parachute to safety, then use your sniper rifle to take out an enemy pilot and steal the ship for sweet revenge. Switch vehicles right on the battlefield of one of seven distinct moons or planets.

• Revolutionary Technology: The game features full D3D support and a quick software rendering engine which incorporates actual images from NASA space expeditions.

• Multiplayer Melees: Pick your poison: wage multiplayer mayhem in full Strategy Mode via LAN, modem or Internet. Or battle with up to seven others in Deathmatch Mode.

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