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During the game, hold <Shift><Control> and type one of the following:
BZBODY: Unlimited Shields
BZFREE: Unlimited Pilots
BZTNT: Unlimited Ammo
BZVIEW: Satellite Uplink

At the mission start screen, hold <Shift><Control> and type:
IAMADIRTYCHEATER: Unlock all levels (Carlos Cracvk)

Easter Eggs

Sound Byte Egg

If you type "IAMPISSED" at the start screen you'll hear a funny sound byte..

In the Retail Version:

1. Type "revoemag" at the the screen when you win a mission and you will get some cool credits.
2. To get a cool map, type "bzone misn02b /shellmap" in dos, in your Battlezone dir. WarJEDI

In the Demo:

Mission 1 - Stop the Demo from Ending.
In the third objective: Escort Transports to the Launch Pad, follow the second transport until just to about where it heads up the hill to the launch pad.. get in its way, it will attempt to avoid you, slowly nudge it to the right side of the hill.. eventually it will get stuck and never complete its trek to the launch pad.. sticking you forever in limbo.. no more CCA units will attack, other than the ones left in the base.. if you go back to the base and destroy the remaining CCA units, you will find a Lone unmoving Czar at the bottom of the crater near the com tower, (probably to scared to move)..  snipe him, take his tank and go site seeing.. explore the moon..

Mission 1 - Destroy The Lunar Lander
In the first real mission of the demo, take the scout and destroy the lunar lander that you first see when the mission is about to begin. When the lunar lander is destroyed the pilot will eject and in time will make his way back to another one of the tanks and fight for you. Note: It may take the pilot a while to get back to a tank depending on where he ejects too.

Mission 1 - Rave Gun
In mission one, hop in your vehicle of choice, then immediately head to the right. There is a building there called a military operations building, or something like that, next to it a weapons capsule called the "Rave Gun". Pressing the 'I' key yields the message: "Super Programmer Ken Miller says, "Dare to have it all?" or something like that. The rave gun shoots a very damaging energy ball that will damage everything nearby, the coolest part is you get unlimited shots. If you hold the fire button the Rave Gun will make some cool techno music.

Mission 1 - Lunar Scrap
In mission one, if you blow up the lander first, the scavenger will get that scrap before it heads to the field, and it won't set off the attack until it does. That means you'll be able to build a second scavenger to romp around in while the pilot of the lander and 2nd scavenger are off defending the first one. You can tell the pilot of any command able vehicle to get out by send a "come pick me up" command. However, If you tell the first scavenger to pick you up, the game thinks that it was destroyed, and you'll lose the mission (that's why you need two).

Mission 2 - Play as the Turret
In mission two, try playing the level as a turret, just tell an undeployed turret to pick you up, then hop inside! Pick a nice spot to shoot from, and hit the 'K' key to deploy your STAB hooks. Once that's done, fire away! It's difficult to see what is going on most of the time, but you can make it through the mission. Usually the pilot will take your tank, and fight with it. You can always get a tank from the reinforcements once they arrive to get your butt to the launch pad. (or just fly the turret) Thanks to Andrew MacDaniel