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Weapon Name:Weapon Function


187 Standard Mini Gun The Mini Gun is a rapid-fire, small projectile machine gun. The shedder reound is an armor-piercing projectile that creates a bright orange line and a high-pitched "hissing" sound as it travels through the air. It is particularly devastating against infantry and non-moving targets.
AT-Stabber The AT-Stabber, short for Anti-Tank Stabber, fires a high-speed, low impact shell
Blast Cannon The Blast Cannon delivers a short but powerful laster beam burst that does tremendous damage to enemy armor. The energy needed to create the laster requires a great deal of nano-ammo. For this reason, the Blast Cannon is best utilized by Gun Towers.
MAG (Magnetic Acceleration Gun) The MAG Cannon is a magnetic acceleration gun that fires highly condensed balls of magnetic energy. With its range of 250 meters, the gun must first be charged before it can fire. The amount of charge will determine the kind of projectile used and the amount of damage that the projectile will deliver. Charging the weapon for 4 seconds delivers the maximum energy impact,infliciting 400 points worth of damage to the target.
Flash Cannon The Flash Cannon, often refered to as the "Hot Foot," fires a concentrated beam or microwave energy at its target. The microwave energy causes the target vehicle's v-thruster engine to overheat.
Automated Targeting Gun (TAG Cannon) The Automated Targeting Gun or TAG Cannon has two phases. In the first phase it shoots a homing ordinance into the skin of the target craft. If the first round hits its mark, the TAG Cannon unleashes a salvo of guided missiles that wil head toward the homing signal.
AT-Super Stabber The Super Stabber is an advanced Stabber round. Upon impact, the round damages the vehicle it strikes and anything else within a blast radius of five meters.


Standard Mortar The mortar fires in an arced trajectory. The ordnance will explode on contact with any object and inflict collateral damage throughout its five meter blast radius.
Manual Detonation Mortar (MDM) The MDM fires like a standard morta; however, it does not detonate on impact with terrain. The MDM will only detonate if it collides with an enemy vehicle or if the pilot presses the fire button a second time, therey by setting of the charge. The MDM is designed to bounce or ricochet in order to allow the pilot more exact placement before detonation. Mulitple MDMs may be fired by pressing the Ctrl key when firing.
The Splinter (Death Wheel) The Splinter is a mortar that detonates the instant that it comes in contact with an enemy vehicle and does normal mortar damage, but does not detonate when it strikes terrain. Instead, it bounces on the terrain until it comes to a stop, whereupon it launches 2 meters into the air and fires 72mm AP projectiles in a clockwise rotation. The Splinter will spray an area with projectiles for 5 seconds.
Pop Gun When fired, a popper travels straight up to an altitude of 200 meters. It then locks onto the nearest enemy target and comes down again propelled by its rocket guidance system.
Day Wrecker (Fired by the Armory) The Day Wrecker is the most powerful artillery available. The Day Wrecker has a range of 1500 meters. It will explode when it comes within 20 meters of the ground with a devastating shock wave 50 meters in diameter.


Thermal Hornet The Thermal Hornet's sensors lock onto the thermal signature of an enemy ship. Armed with a combustion, shard-scattering warhead, the Hornet is designed to explode on impact spraying the target with shrapnel. Any vehicle within five meters of the blast will also take damage. Especially effective against fast-moving vehicles with hot engines.
The Rocket Bomb Packed with explosives, the Rocket Bomb delivers a mighty wallop. It's a heavy, slow-moving rocket that sacrifices speed and finesse for devastating impact power.
Image Locking Shadower Missile The ILS Missile locks onto the visual impage of its targets. It works best on slow-moving targets, complementing the Thermal Hornet well.
Comet Cruise Missile The Comet Cruise Missile is a radar guided missile that can lock onto any target as long as it is within radar range.
Sand Bag Missile The Sand Bag Missile is a non-locking missile. When the Sand Bag Missile strikes its target, it deploys a magnetic anchoring device that will slow the targeted ship down. This missile is designed to allow slower, less maneuverable vehicles to pin down fast-moving craft.


RED-Field Generator (Radar Echo Dampening Fields Generator) The RED-Field Generator completely removes the ship's echo signature from all radar whie selected. All weapons that require a radar signal to lock will not be able to target or track the ship once the RED-Field Generator is activated.
M-Curtain Mine (Magnetic Curtain Mine) The M-Curtain is a specialized mine designed to produce a localized field of extreeme magnetism. Once the mine is launched it imbeds itself into the terrain. Once second after it imbeds into the ground, it starts to generate a bubble of magnetism that is 20 meters in diametere and three meters tall. No projectile can penetrate the magnetic bubble, however, vehicles under the bubble can fire out.
Solar Flare The Solar Flare is a specially modified mine that will produce a plume of fire burning at high temperature for a short period of time. The flare gives off a thermal signature that will attract heat-seeking projectiles within 200 meters of it.
MITS (Magnetic Inverting Tethering Snare) The MITS of "catcher's mitt" is a modified M-Curtain Mine. Instead of pushing outward with force the MITS does exactly the opposite - pulling anything towards itself with incredible force. MITS will also attract any projectile within 200 meters.
Sensory Image Terrain Exposing (SITE) Camera The SITE Camera is an x-ray device that allows a pilot to see through terrain. The device has a range of 100 meters. Any terrain feature outside the camera's range will not become transparent.
Proximity Mine A standard mine that detonates when an enemy vehicle enters its detection range. The mine does not become armed until two seconds after it is placed in the ground. Once the mine is armed, any enemy vehicle that gets within seven meters of the mine will activate it.
Thumper No one is exactly sure how the Thumper device works. It is believed that raw energy is extracted from nano-ammo and channeled directly into the ground like a concentrated seismic charge. The result is a shock wave that distorts the terrain it travels across.