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Server.dat (.5 KB)

Going into multiplayer, but no servers show? No matter what you do, nothing seems to work? There's a good reason for that, and the fix is right here. Download the file and unzip into your Battlezone directory. Download it here.

BattleZone Key Cards

Having trouble getting around in BattleZone? Wonder just what exactly that button does? Well, fear no more. Use these BattleZone keycards to learn the ins and outs of controlling the game. Download by clicking the pictures below:

Battlezone Key Card 1Battlezone Key Card 2

The Demo (27 MB)

Download the new 3D Enhanced Battlezone demo and see what all the buzz is about! The demo contains 4 training missions (combat exercises) to help you learn the weapons and interface as well as 2 game missions for the Stars and Stripes. Some things to note: this action-packed demo is a 27 MB download, so depending on your modem speed, the process could take a while. In addition, you'll need to make sure you have DirectX 5 installed on your system along with fully compatible drivers for the demo to run. It should also be noted that while most people don't experience problems downloading our demos, we are unable to provide Activision Customer Support for this promotional offering.

Special note for owners of 3DFX Voodoo 2 and AGP cards: This version of Battlezone contains special graphical enhancements for owners of high end graphic cards. These enhancements are not enabled by default, please read the readme.doc included with the demo for information about enabling them.

Download Location:

Download 1 (California, US via HTTP)

BattleZone Patch V 1.4 (6 MB)

The patch will update netmis.txt. If you have added new multiplayer maps, you will not lose your changes. The new maps will be appended to the end of your modified file.

For owners of AGP and 3Dfx Voodoo2 video cards, the Battlezone Enhanced Graphics Edition Patch 1.4 also contains graphics enhancements which take advantage of your video cards. In order to view these enhancements, you must also download the file and unzip it into your Battlezone game directory. (Customers with the Japanese language version of Battlezone should not download this file. The Japanese version already contains the enhanced graphics file.) You will also need to edit 1 file. See the new readme.doc included with this patch for full instructions.

New fixes:

  • More anti-cheating measures have been implemented in multi-player.
  • Bugs regarding compatibility with DirectX 6.0 have been fixed.

It also includes all of the fixes from the 1.31 patch which are:

Multi-player Enhancements:

  • Five new maps have been added. Thanks to everyone who helped create them.
  • Internet Multiplayer is generally more stable and has less lag.
  • More cheating protection has been added.
  • Host migration works better now.
  • The host can kick a player out of the game now. If you are the host, open a channel to the other player by pressing the ~ key and using the up and down arrows to select the player you want to kick out. Then type /kick and that player will be kicked.
  • Bailing out in a Deathmatch now counts as 2 deaths.

General Fixes:

  • The Windows CD audio volume is no longer maxed on game exit.
  • The screen no longer goes black on a 3Dfx card while a mission is loading. When resolutions larger then 640x480 are selected, they are now saved on game exit.
  • Some players with 3Dfx Voodoo based cards were finding that the game would not use the 3Dfx Voodoo. This was because of two improperly installed Microsoft .dll files. This patch correctly installs those files.
  • The game no longer crashes when run on a machine with certain versions of Active Movie installed.

Download Links:
Server 1 (California, US via HTTP)

Large Assets File

This game uses Microsoft's Direct 3D to support 3D hardware acceleration. It has been tested on many but not all of the major cards incorporating the chipsets listed below. Some 3-D accelerator card brands utilizing the chipsets whose logos appear on this box may not be fully compatible with the 3-D acceleration features of this product. For a complete list of the cards and drivers that have been tested, please visit

Chipsets tested as of product release: 3Dfx, Rendition, ATI Rage Pro, Nvidia Riva 128, PowerVR, Permedia 2.

Download From:
Server 1 (California, US via HTTP)

BattleZone Microsoft Plus! Theme (1.3 MB)

Full theme with wallpaper, mouse pointers, icons and sounds. Download it here.

The Original Battlezone

Here is the Original Arcade Classic Battlezone.  It's a direct copy of the original, right down to the Coin Credits. MAME is an arcade machine emulator, there are hundreds of other old arcade games you can download from the net, just do a search for MAME. If you already have a copy of MAME, you can download the ROM just by itself.

MAME Emulator (976 KB)

Battlezone ROM files (26 KB)