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How in Hell did you get all of the statistics for the weapons, especially the damage values? The Brady Games Interstate ’76 Game Guide does not have all of the data in your tables. Great job!

Thanks to your site I was able to get my complete copy of the Bullmark Demo CD.

I have a small Web site dedicated to automotive combat games. There are a few files on it that should interest Interstate ’76 fans.

Are you interested in hosting the original Interstate ’76 wallpapers that were available on the Activision Web site in 1997? I uploaded them to my Web site last month. You are welcome to host them on The Local Ditch Gaming Emporium, permitting me to use the space for other files.

Seattle Washington Autoduel Team Headquarters (SWAT HQ)

SWAT HQ – Burning Rubber Interstate ’76 RPG

SWAT HQ – Automotive Combat Desktop Themes and Wallpapers

Drive Offensively!

Thanks for the message. In short, I took the values from the long-gone SuiCyco’s Speed Shop – a site that knew what they were doing. But in all seriousness, parts of the values were originally taken from the Interstate ’76 manual and the damage values were discovered with a little bit of hex editing.

Also, thanks for the I ’76 wallpapers. They’re up on the site now for anyone who wants to put some funky cheer on their desktop.

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