Sega's made a ton of games for varying platforms. While many are pretty good, not all can be great. So, what's good, what's not, and everything in between? Click below and find out. Organized alphabetically:


Saturn Burning Rangers - Futuristic firefighters battle raging infernos in Sonic Team's second Saturn original.
Saturn Fighting Vipers - The Fighting Vipers beat each other up in the streets of Tokyo, but do they step out of the Virtua Fighters' shadows?
Saturn House of the Dead, The - Sega's Zombie-shooter arrives on the Saturn, but does it still have luster it did in the arcades?
PS2 Nights Into Dreams... - Nights finds its way to the PS2 in a remake of the Saturn version.
Saturn Panzer Dragoon II Zwei - Zwei comes as a prequel to the original Panzer Dragoon and improves upon almost every aspect of the original, with more intense action and larger levels.
Saturn Panzer Dragoon Saga - By eschewing its shooter roots and turning the final Panzer game into an RPG, Saga fleshes out the Saturn trilogy.
PS2 Rez - Known for its psychedelic visuals and techno sounds, players take control of a hacker trying to stop a computer system from shutting itself down.
PS2 Sega Ages 2500: Vol. 16: Virtua Fighter 2 - Virtua Fighter 2 comes to the PS2 as part of the Sega Ages remakes, but has an arcade perfect version of the game finally been made?
PS2 Sega Ages 2500: Vol. 26: Dynamite Deka - Known as Die Hard Arcade in the US, DD finds itself on the PS2 with updated visuals and extra modes.
PS2 Sega Ages 2500: Vol. 27: Panzer Dragoon - The Ages line-up brings another classic to the PS2 - Panzer Dragoon. Are the extra's worth the price of admission?
PS2 Sega Ages 2500: Vol. 31: Virtual On - Though the Saturn version of Virtua On left a little to be desired graphically, the PS2 version is everything the arcade was - and then some.
PS2 Space Channel 5 - Aliens are taking over and Ulala is the only one who can save the humans - by outdancing the alien captors.
PS2 Sega Rally 1995 - Packed with Sega Rally 2006 as a bonus, this is a perfectly emulated version of the original Sega Rally Arcade.
PS2 Sega Superstars Tennis - What do you get when mix Virtua Tennis, Sonic, Jet Grind Radio, Nights, and a barrell of monkeys? This...
PS2 Yakuza - Join Kazuma as he is released from prison for the murder of his mentor in this brawler/adventure game.