Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram


The story is shrouded in mystery...

At the beginning of the Virtual Century, Earth, long controlled by warring corporations, was perched on the edge of a new era of technology when the DN Group (Dyna-Tech and Nova Corporation) first discovered the mysterious Moon Gate.

By the year V.C. 96, only Enver IV, the most powerful stockholder in the DN corporation, began to realize the full potential of the Moon Gate. He was put in charge of the 9 manufacturing plants which used the 'psychic energy' that had been collecting deep within the Moon Gate's V-Crystal. The Moon Gate itself later became known as Plant 0.

These plants drew their power from the Moon Gate's V-Crystal and came to produce the greatest combat vehicles ever known: Viruaroids! But stability within the DN Group ended when Enver IV, for reasons known only to himself, sold all 9 plants to rival corporations. In the anarchy that followed, the DN Group was exposed as having withheld valuable and possibly dangerous information relating to the original Moon Gate. Large scale conflicts ensued. Earth's contact with the Moon Gate was lost! And the DNA, the DN groups new formed Virtuaroid army, was splintered into two rival factions.

The year is now V.C. a4 and a single Plant - the 9th Plant - has mysteriously vanished with the Tangram.  It is believed that the Tangram could possibly control the "laws of casualty," control the Moon Gate itself, and allow certain victory for the army that finds it! You must choose sides as the DNA and RNA dontinue to fight for control of the nine Virtuaroid Plants.

Choose sides! Find the missing 9th Plant and find the Tangram!!!


Abandoned Quarry (2nd Plant)
With six obstacles, this eight sided stage has a bumpy ground which makes sliding attacks difficult to use.  Use the obstacles to hide from attacks.

This square arena has buildings as obstacles.  Watch where you land. If you land on a building, you'll be easy to fire at. If you land on the ground, you may land right into enemy fire.

Ascent Corridor (3rd Plant)
This elevator stage has a few tricky obstacles that won't protect you from crouch-shot lasers.

The open green fields make you an open target. Use the buildings wisely to protect yourself. Don't get cornered onto the hill, your standing shots could go right over your opponent's head.

Black Frank (6th Plant)
This arena is set in space. With ten obstacles to hide behind, you must out-wit your opponent. Some of the obstacles are floating.

Floating Carrier (near the 8th plant)
This is a rectangular arena set on top of a flying aircraft. With obstacles bunched up on one side of the arena, the trick is to pull your opponent into the fighting style of your choice - peek-a-boo, or full frontal attack!


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