Voodoo Magic

I have the same disk as you and tried following your instructions, but I couldn’t get it to work. I need help with the glide. How do I configure it? Also, I could only get my hands on the beta 2 version…

Ok, first question: Can you run Mechwarrior 2 in Windows without applying any of the Glide patches? If you can’t, then be sure to get the game working. After that, copy over the 3dfx files. To install dgvoodoo, just copy its files into the Mechwarrior 2 directory. As far as the particular options go, play with them a bit and see what types of effects they may have on your system.

I’m offering no guarantees that this’ll work for anyone else. But, I did manage to get the game running that way and maybe someone else out there can use the info as, if no other reason, a starting point.

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