Lightning Strikes Twice

Two updates in one year? This hasn’t happened since ’03.

It seems I’ve had a lot brewing on the old brain, here’s a few snippets:

Hey, have a website like mine? Then let me know. It’s hard to find sites that aren’t part of a huge network (Gamespy, IGN, Gamespot, etc.) that actually have some content to them.

Digging through a bunch of old sites has caused me to ask a question: Why do so many 2-page sites have a forum on them? Was that/is that a passing trend?

Does Geocities no longer discriminate against “IllGAL ROMZ!!!!!!!!” I swear that’s what all of the game sites on that place have become.

So, with the announcement that NiGHTS is finally getting a sequel, I thought I’d check out the game a bit more. Actually, I’ve been digging through my old Dreamcast/Saturn library and finally getting through some games that I never did before. I finally saw the ending of Zombie Revenge (what a bummer), won a race in F355 Challenge, and I’m only one star away from unlocking everything in HotD2.

NiGHTS is one of those games that when I first played it, I enjoyed it, but I really didn’t get why some people were so fanatical about it. Let me put it this way, I wouldn’t go and devote my entire room to my hand-drawn NiGHTS artwork. Nightopians were alright, but they never really did much besides get in the way. Run through grab stuff, then run through the same course again in 10 seconds. Ok, it’s cool. The graphics are unique and some parts of the game are just downright creepy.

Now, I can see some more depth to it – trying to tie together huge links, changing music, Mepians and whatnot. These definitely add to it and it’s still a fun game, but I’m not seeing the huge “mind-blowing” experience. The game is based somewhat on the theories of Carl Jung, but I’m not seeing or feeling any extra depth added to the game that makes it feel more like an experience and less than a quick romp at the arcades.

Linkexchange is officially dead. Bought out by Microsoft years ago, it became bCentral, offering the ubiquitous FastCounter and banner exchange. Now, both are buried, meaning I’ve got to update a lot of pages on this site.

New/Updated Content: NiGHTS, Virtua Fighter 4 Evo.

Coming Soon: MBPT 3025 (finally?)

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