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Ok, I know, I’ve been neglecting the site a little bit. You’ve got to admit, though, it was a good run of updates. Lately, I’ve had the itch that only Mechwarrior 2 can scratch, so I’ve been jogging down memory lane while Clan Wolf destroys Clan Falcon in the Refusal Wars.

That also means I’ve managed to update some of the site. Like I’ve been promising to do for the past several years, I’ve finally put something up for the MBPT: 3025 section. The story is pretty shallow at this point, but I’ve got game manuals and a preview movie up, which should cover just about anything you’d like to know about how the game played.

On the subject of Mechwarrior 2, I was just checking around the ‘net for a few things, and happened upon the forums of one Eric Peterson – the guy that originally programmed Mechwarrior 2. Someone had asked him if he’d ever seen my MW2: The Clans page. Even though it’s really nothing, I do get a fuzzy feeling knowing one of the developers has actually read my highly inaccurate ramblings.

In other Mech news, Microsoft no longer owns the Mechwarrior license. If you’ve been keeping track, FASA, who created Battletech licensed Mechwarrior to Activision for the Mech 2 games, but took it back and licensed it to Micropose for Mech 3. After that, they spun out FASA Interactive to do their own games, which was later purchased by Microsoft. MS disbanded FASA Interactive and canned MW5, having since been sitting on the license for the last several years. What does this mean? If someone is shelling out the bucks to get it back, they plan on using it, hopefully for a new Mechwarrior game.

IGN has shown Interstate ’76 some love, so of course, I’ve got to spread the news. Check out my site first, then go check out their article.

Last note: Deus Ex 3 is in the works. Warren Spector & co. have nothing to do with the game. Instead, it’s being developed by Eidos Montreal. Let’s hope it’s better than Invisible War.

MPBT: 3025 – Section is up with some interesting documents.
Mechwarrior Links – Updated and added.
Mechwarrior 2 FAQ – It’s actually up, though it’s pretty small.

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