Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Ongoing Impressions Part 9

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Tai Yong Medical server room

Van Bruggen’s buried some video in the data server at Tai Yong Medical. Gotta track it down, although there’s a laser grid and security guards in the way.

Up some more steps, which lead to yet even more offices and more computers. I give up on being completely stealthy, opting instead to sneak behind people just long enough to take them down. It’s paying off, and I’m able to reach the server room by taking down a couple of guards in this manner. The room is booby trapped. There’s a big laser grid running around it, preventing me from easily sneaking through, so I decide to rectify the situation with an EMP grenade. Grenades work differently than in the original Deus Ex. Rather than treating the grenade like a gun, a grenade type is first equipped. To launch it, hit the G key. My EMP grenade hits its target, disabling the laser grid and attracting the attention of several guards to boot. I can only take a couple of shots before I’m toast, so I decide to find another way around.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Hiding under a desk in Tai Yong Medical I backtrack a bit and find… would you guess? A conveniently-placed, human-sized airvent. I’m noticing a trend, but I can’t resist the temptation of an drafty passageway. It leads me directly to the security area. I eavesdrop on the guards for a bit, then, you guessed it, takedown. It seems I’ve attracted some attention, so I hide under the desk and pump a few shotgun shells into anyone else that steps in the room. A little hacking and I’ve got a security robot on my side. A little sneaking and I’m in the security room. A little waiting and I’m treated to a quick cutscene, showing Van Bruggen’s vidoes and outlining my next goal. The new mission: Find more evidence, this time from the VP of Tai Yong Medical.

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