Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Ongoing Impressions Part 4

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Sarif's Office

Still reeling from my fight with Barret, I head back to Detroit to finish up some business. Remove a crooked cop from office, let a mother know her daughter’s dead… all in a day’s work for part five of my Human Revolution play through.

Barret kicked my ass to the point that I had to knock the difficulty down to easy, so I need a brief recovery. I work my way back through the FEMA facilities to meet with chopper pilot Malik on the roof. The place is deserted after Barret blew himself sky high. As I’m traveling back, I’m noticing the paths I hadn’t taken – some that would’ve no doubt made life much easier. I’ll try these out next next time I’m in there. Scratch that, I’m going to blast everyone to pieces anyway.

“Are you ready to go?” asks Malik. I am and so we head back to Detroit for a debriefing with David Sarif. Pritchard contacts me along the way and tells me he wants to chat about something. I’ve got other priorities, though. There’s a little clean-up work I want to do in Detroit first. Megan’s mother, Cassandra Reed, had asked me to find out what I could about Megan’s death. I’d contacted a former cop who pointed me to a locker at the police station. There’s a big fence in the way, but using my augmented jumping abilities, I’m able to leap directly over it. A little hacking on the lock to the door and I’m in. There’s data about Megan’s autopsy and, stashed away in a safe, a bracelet of hers.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - O'Malley's last wordsI meet with Ms. Reed (although she says to call her Cassandra) at the Chiro building. I give her my condolences and gently let her know her daughter went without pain, failing to mention that’s because her neck was snapped and she died instantly, only for her body to be burned beyond recognition thereafter. That bracelet that I found? It’s mine. I’m keeping it. What if someone at the police station notices it’s gone missing? I don’t want Ms. Reed to be tracked down for something that I’ve done. A little pop-up appears: Achievement Unlocked. My bracelet hoarding has earned me an achievement. How sweet.

Also on the list is to meet back with J. Alexander and finish finding the crooked cop O’Malley. I’ve got to convince him that I’m a killer for hire. He wants to assassinate Double-T, a local gang leader, and plant the murder instrument on rival gang territory to set up a massive gang war in Detroit. I find myself in a familiar situation. That apartment with snoozing guard from earlier? It’s Double T’s HQ. I head back and despite the snoozing bodies on the floor, the gang is there. I sneak in, head to the bedroom and knock Double T and his buddy out cold. I want to go easy on the guys in the living room, but I don’t have enough juice or any non-lethal measures, so they get to eat the barrel of my shotgun.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Jensen converses with J AlexanderI revisit Ms. Alexander to let her know that I’ve not actually killed Double-T, but done just enough to convince our crooked cop that that’s the case. She wants one more thing – for me to put O’Malley down. I pay a visit to his place – another random apartment I’ve hacked into – where he decides to try to bribe me out of taking him out of commission. I opt for the easier thing, and knock him out cold. Alexander will arrest his unconscious ass. I should’ve taken the bribe and punched him anyway. Life lessons are learned the hard way.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Pritchard explains securityI make my way back to Sarif to meet up with Pritchard, who informs me that David has installed a backdoor into the security systems. It was so secret that not even the security team, including Jensen himself, would know about it. I go up to get debriefed by David Sarif and I give him the third degree about it. He’s pissed at me. He wants a company man. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the world of Deus Ex, it’s to question everything. Everything. Regardless of his anger at me, the plan is still to go to China and follow Barret’s lead.

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