A cluttered office in the upcoming Deus Ex: Human Revolution

As expected, there’s been a few parts of the site that broke with the new look, most notably every page that linked to the home page. Nothing spells fun like breaking links on hundreds and hundreds of pages. Good news: that should be fixed.

More good news: the Q&A has been updated. I know, I know… sending a message to me is like a game of roulette: there’s no guarantee what’ll happen. Will your question be answered in the next few days? Months? Years? If you sent a message recently, it’s answered. If you sent one back in February, I apologize for the horrible response time, but it’s answered, too.

Activision’s I ’76 Wallpaper has been added to the site, thanks to a generous visitor.

The Deus Ex page has been updated with a new look and more info. Really, more than anything else, it’s just a ramble about my experiences with the game, plus all of the old info.

The “Features” section is going to be very similar to this – more of a review/retrospective on a particular game rather than a ton of stats, files, cheats, etc.

Lastly, the search box is up and working well. Prior to this, it was working (mostly) from the news page, but not too well anywhere else.

Q&A – More questions, more answers
Interstate ’76 Downloads – Wallpaper available
Deus Ex – Better looking with actual content

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