Eidos announces Deus Ex Universe

Deus Ex Universe

David Anfossi of Eidos Montreal announces a next-gen Deus Ex game as well as non-game media pieces that, combined, form the Deus Ex Universe.

In the Deus Ex world (or should I say “Universe”), David Anfossi of Eidos Montreal has released some excellent news: In addition to the re-tooled Director’s Cut that will integrate game elements on a second screen and tweak a few of Human Revolution’s shortcomings, there’s also a new core DE game in the works, set to to tie in with the Deus Ex world in other forms of media.

To quote the man himself:

The concept behind Deus Ex: Universe is to create an ongoing, expanding and connected game world built across a generation of core games. It’s a commitment on our part to deliver meaningful content that expands the franchise on a regular basis and to deliver a deep conspiracy that will span several connected Deus Ex games, creating a more immersive and richer experience than ever before. Deus Ex: Universe will include PC and console games, but also additional Deus Ex games and experiences available in other media such as tablets, smartphones, books, graphic novels, etc… You might have seen the name pop up recently in the press – well this is what it’s all about.

I’m pleased to confirm that we are already into production of the starting point for Deus Ex: Universe with a new game for PC and next-generation consoles. We’re very excited about it at the studio and I wanted to let you know that most of the team behind Deus Ex: Human Revolution is already working hard on this new game. It took us four years to learn how to create a unique Deus Ex experience with Human Revolution and it was important for me to keep this knowledge within the franchise.

With the success of Human Revolution, it seemed inevitable that there would be some form of follow-up. Eidos Montreal has been busy crafting Thief 4, so I figured that had put most Deus Ex-related items on the back burner, so I’m excited to see what the team can do with next-gen hardware and all of the knowledge and experience that they’ve gained creating Human Revolution. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t take four years until we get to see play the game this time.

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