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Spitting Cobra

Spitting CobraThe Spitting Cobra is one of the South's heavier Gear models. It follows the usual design philosophy of the southern engineers: rounded composite armor and minimal metallic alloy use. Still, the vehicle is heavy, so its secondary movement system is a half-track model, sturdier than the usual wheels.

The main function of the Spitting Cobra is to field heavy support weaponry such as mortars and light howitzers. For close defense, the Cobra is equipped with a shoulder-mounted, high-speed Gatling cannon, which, although small and short-ranged, is an excellent deterrent.

Code Name: Spitting Cobra
Production Code: OACS-01H/SU
Manufacturer: Territorial Arms
Use: General Purpose/Fire Support Gear
Height 5.0 meters
Full Combat Weight: 8990 kg
Armor Material: Armoplast with Alloy & Ceramic
Armor Thickness: 90 mm
Max Running Speed: 36 kph
Max Rolling Speed: 60 kph
Power plant WV-1500TC/A V-engine
Horsepower: 940 HP