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Heavy Gear II Pre Release Pictures

Below are a few screenshots of Heavy Gear II during it's development and before its release. These images have been collected from various and sundry places across the net, but most of them are here because they provide insight and interest to the development of this game.

shot1big.jpg (32551 bytes) This screenshot is from a very early build of the game. The gear pictured is very blocky and there are some weird graphic abnormalities on the ground in the front of the screenshot.
shot2big.jpg (43656 bytes) Here's another screenshot from the same stage of development. Note the low- polygon model used for the gear.
shot3big.jpg (53466 bytes) This screenshot also features the blocky, low-polygon models.
shot4big.jpg (41800 bytes) Once again, the low-poly models make anappearance, but this time in a familiar area.
hg1b.jpg (25538 bytes) This shot features the same low-poly gear, this time inside of a bunker.
hg2.jpg (75655 bytes) The gears in this screenshot are of therelease version type, but the explosion is different.
hg6.jpg (110264 bytes) This screenshot has an early HUD design. There were several variations on the HUD, this being the earliest.
pvw_heavyg2_screen06.jpg (30906 bytes) This is another shot with the early HUD. Also, it has different explosions that in the final release.
screenshot The screenshot shown here has the old-style HUD. It also contains the differently styled explosions that the previous picture does.
page2shot1.jpg (18843 bytes) This shot has some debug stuff in the corner, so I'm fairly sure it's not from the final release of the game.
page4shot3.jpg (20711 bytes) Same way with this one.

Below are a few pre-release shots that don't look too much different from the final game.

hg3.jpg (107785 bytes) page1shot1.jpg (13095 bytes) page2shot3.jpg (17469 bytes) page3shot1.jpg (11659 bytes) page3shot3.jpg (19198 bytes) page4shot1.jpg (17583 bytes) page4shot2.jpg (19621 bytes) pvw_heavyg2_screen01.jpg (30041 bytes)